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Sep 13, 2012
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Nexus 5x fully up to date. Android 7.1.2. Suddenly my internal storage (25gb) is always full. When I delete a bunch of files the ram immediately goes back to full. Virus? Something else? I scanned with Lookout and it didn't detect any viruses.

Seems this problem happened right after I used a USB cable to connect my Nexus to my Windows 10 fully patched laptop to transfer some files. I transferred a few files but it stopped and said Nexus full.

Any ideas? Anyone heard of this before? Thanks,
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You say "RAM" is full but then talk about deleting files. So can you be clear about what you mean: Random Access Memory or internal storage?

If internal storage the obvious possibility would be some app caching a lot of data. "Virus" is unlikely (in quotes because "virus" really means a specific type of malware, which to date does not exist for Android). You could try rebooting into safe mode, clearing app caches, and seeing whether anything refills. In safe mode only pre-installed apps can run, so if the problem isn't there in safe mode then that tells you it's one of your user apps. Of course it's also possible that just rebooting will stop this!
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