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SugarSync: SugarSync: Cloud 9 Storage App

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by justinhub2003, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. justinhub2003

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    While most Android users were anxiously awaiting the release of an official Dropbox app, I was enjoying the fruits of what the Android market already bared at the time, SugarSync. SugarSync is a lot like Dropbox in that files from your computer are backed up online and secured safely on SugarSync's servers accessible from any where in the world and with this app, on your Android phone. I myself was a former Dropbox user however I jumped ship when I found SugarSync not only offered an Android app, but had better pricing/storage options and the ability to select which folders/subfolders were to be backed up instead of a single "Dropbox" folder.

    That being said, SugarSync's android app has a lot to like. After logging in, your quickly asked if you would like to back up all of the photo's stored locally on your handsets SD card, which you can opt to do later or to never ask again. From there your presented with the SugarSync Home screen, which has been recently redone and looks great compared to its formal look of "boring but functional" . Then again, boring but functional has been an Android theme in a lot of apps and it doesn't stop me from loving them. The SugarSync main menu has a lot to offer: its a local file manager with full access to the SD card with ability to send any file to your online Sugarsync account, a photo viewer of both photos stored locally on the device and files on sugarsync.com as well as portal to access any normal file you have backed up on you PC and then download it locally. Whats even more amazing is that the app has a built in music player with controls, so I can navigate to the folder holding my PC's music files and then click on a song I want to listen to and the app will load the app (fairly fast over 3G) and begins playing inside the application and includes buttons to pause the music as well as skip forward/backward to the next track in the album. I have currently am using a Nexus One with a 16gb SD card, and have a paid Picasa account so all my photo's are already shown in the gallery, but its the other 125GB of data that I have stored on SugarSync that makes this app awesome. Having the ability to quickly download your resume from the cloud that's stored on your PC and send it via email without ever touching a PC is pretty amazing. The application will do the same for shot videos that are in a compatible format, though obviously load times are longer.

    The app in free is the android market and like most cloud storage companies, offers 2gb to hold your most precious of data. My original reason for switching to SugarSync may have been because of the lack of an official Dropbox app, but now I wouldn't leave it for the world. The developers continue to add to features and pretty up the interface, which is never a bad thing. If your living in discontent with Dropbox and your an Android user, give SugarSync a shot, its a great app/service.


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