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Suggest me the best ROM for my captivate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kanth1927, May 16, 2011.

  1. kanth1927

    kanth1927 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys,

    I am using Samsung Captivate from last six months and it has been an amazing journey in to Andriods world.This is my first Andriod phone and i am just addicted to it.

    But Lately i have been experincing some issues with it:
    1)Phone gets stuck while typing a message
    2)Takes long time to load any files like pictures or documents
    3)too slow while loading any application

    I have installed task manager and advanced task killer and havee been killing the unused apps all the time but not much improvement in the cell performance.

    Yesterday I tried to load a new rom, so the first step was to take all my memory card contents backup, so in the process i corrupted it, and now the captivate says its damaged and needs to format.

    since then there has ben huge improvement in my mobile performnace.

    I am using a 16gb memory card qith 10 speed made by Wintech.

    Is this an issue with memory card or do ineed an ROM upgrade??

    Mobile details: Samsung Captivate
    nUMBER OF aPPS: 46

    Please help me in this regard,

    I have heard that Ginger bird is the new rom which is pretty good.

    I am new to flashing rom to please help me with the best ROM today and the process how to apply it to my Captivate.

    Best Regards,

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  2. NTMbeast

    NTMbeast Lurker

    purplelicous is alright
  3. yahoowizard

    yahoowizard Android Enthusiast

    Cognition is really good too, as is Perception, but they're pretty much the same. Cognition is preferred as it's the Captivate version and the guy who makes it has been working on it for a really long time, so you can trust him. If there is a new update and he misses some small glitch, he gets it fixed within a few hours or days, too, so it's always good. And yeah, it's really fast, never really had problems with it or any of that either, so highly recommended...
  4. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Android Expert

    all the custom roms are good. You need to try one and see if its for you.
  5. chicknlil

    chicknlil Android Enthusiast

    Advanced Task Killer is likely contributing to your problem. It's been said many times here, but it clearly bears repeating: Android is NOT Windows.

    Android is designed so that apps, by and large, will close themselves out. If they're running - it's for a reason. If you kill it, it will simply restart and continue what it was doing until it completes. Yes, apps can occasionally hang and burn through CPU - but that's why you install a task manager that can alert you when an app is using a lot of CPU.

    As for ROMs, Cognition tends to be a good starter ROM, as it gives an experience similar to stock, but with less bloat. With any ROM though, I'd strongly caution you to read the instructions thoroughly or you could quite easily end up with a several hundred dollar paperweight. Think I'm overstating that? Go take a look in the rooting subforum at all the posts from users who messed up somewhere in the process.

    That's not to say ROMing requires a masters degree to do properly - but it does require preparation, understanding of how your phone works, and how to troubleshoot when (not if) you encounter errors.

    Can you, without fail, get your phone into recovery mode? How about download mode? Is your phone already rooted? Have you made titanium backups of your apps? Have you used something like SMS backup to backup your call log and messages (if that's important to you?). Do you have your contacts sync'd up to your google account?

    Good luck whatever you end up doing.
  6. jpovis

    jpovis Well-Known Member

    Continuum 2.3.3 Gingerbread. Speed, smooth, no lag, no issues. And Netflix works!
  7. marefin

    marefin Android Enthusiast

    i was using serendipity, but just a week ago installed cyanogenmod and so far i'm loving it. if you don't wanna do cm then i would say serendipity would be your next best shot.
  8. beatdroppah

    beatdroppah Well-Known Member

    yeah i have tried several different ROMs, but 90% of my time that ive owned my Cappy, ive been using Serendipity 6.4. and it was flawless. although last week, i flashed Paragon RC6 rom, and i love it as well.
  9. jetpuck73

    jetpuck73 Member

    Serendipity 6.4!!!!!
  10. scottybones

    scottybones Member

    If your into something completely different and solid, try a rom called Fire Fly 3.0 its really visual has lots of options for customization. Has 4 lock screens, the newest version of swype where the damn box doesn't come up asking you questions. Oh, and it unlocks the hsdpa (aka 3.5G) band that att locked out, so your now getting faster speeds. I've used cog, and dint like it, simply cuz its not "custom looking" looks exactly like stock. Also with firefly u can boot into the kernel and make your led's at the bottom light up for notifications! I love that feature! If u, wanna take a look here is the dudes website ‹‹ FireFly Home
  11. c-eling

    c-eling Lurker

    i agree with Scotty,been on firefly 3.0 for about a month now on my usa captivate,very stable for me,love the theme,and my gps works now :)
  12. violentJay

    violentJay Lurker

    No reason to fear flashing new roms, I have been at it for about a month, didnt know anything about android before I started and the biggest issue I've had was a rom changing my recovery and download button combos, which I figured out how to change back.just read and follow the directions!

    Phoenix 8.0 is the best!
  13. 4N6science

    4N6science Member

    At this point, I think you can get into gingerbread roms. I flashed the gb rom in literally 15 minutes. It was a lot quicker than the froyo based rom I was running. I like team phoenix. I started with Firefly 3.0, which was great, but I needed netflix on my cappy and had to go 2.3.3 with Mosaic. So far, I'm loving it!

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