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[Suggestions] First Smart Phone. I'm excited.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PolloJack, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. PolloJack

    PolloJack Newbie
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    Alright, refurbished LG Marquee with Ting. Here's what I am planning and I am open to suggestions.

    CTMod 3.75, from it's description it sounds great. Rooting looks to be about as difficult as updating your BIOS. I will not be playing games on the phone, so I plan on underclocking. I may bring it back to stock speeds if music playing becomes cumbersome.

    I use foobar2k on my laptop and desktop but it seems there is only a remote control version for andriods, not a music player. What players do yall like or prefer?

    I was choosing between ting and republic wireless. Republic tries to get you to use wifi as much as possible for calls and whatnot. I want to imitate this on ting, the plan will be about two dollars cheaper along with a 90 (-50 discount) Marquee which is considerably cheaper than Republics 250 phone. Nettalk seems to be the best bet for that since I want to be able to call people that don't have the same app.

    I am going to have 3g and 4g disabled, permanently. There seem to be many different ways to do this. What is the best way to go about this for the Marquee and anything else that might get charged as data?

    I like GPS. It is supposedly free with smart phones but applications might use data. The google maps app sounds like the best bet since it can cache in a ten mile radius. What do yall prefer?

    Backgrounds, homescreens, whatever they are called. Can I just set a photo I take as my home screen?

    I already pulled the trigger and ordered a microSD and accessory kit.
    The SD card is an 8 gig C10 for 8 bucks. I will mostly have music with the occasional picture or video.
    The kit is a car charger, case, screen, and USB adapter advertised specifically for the Marquee so hopefully it isn't a one size fits all and will be snug on the phone. Only nine bucks for the kit.
    Newegg.com - Black Rubber Case+Retract Car Charger+USB+Film compatible with LG Marquee Optimus Black P970
    Both are free shipping and no tax, if the SD seems too small I will give it to my gf for her camera.

    I have friends with rubber cases and I like those more, they seem like they offer better protection. What would yall say is best for protection, rubbers or hard cases?

    I plan on using JuiceDefender. Are there any other good apps out there, must have so to speak?

    Thanks in advance, forum is easy to navigate and the users seem pretty alright
    thanks blooddawn, not just making a ROM but making an understandable description of what it does
    thanks wetbiker, you seem to be answering most of the questions I search for

    Have a good one.

    For other new users trying to search for things, try making a new thread. It will search for whatever your title is once you click the message box. An interesting way to get around the "calls" and "wifi" too common or short filter.

  2. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    1) to disable mobile data go to settings/wireless & networks/ then uncheck enable data. You can also disable it in the quick launch located in the drop down menu. Wifi along with many other features can be accessed there.

    2) I prefer Google Maps but a data connection is pretty much mandatory for speed and accuracy.

    3) yes, you can set any picture you take or download as a background.

    4) a rubber case is best. I use a fishbone case which is a combination. It has a rubber case with a hard case that snaps over it.:D

    5) many people swear by Juice Defender. I don't use it because I've got a couple car chargers and quite a few batteries. I recommend buying a couple with a wall charger. They're pretty cheap on EBAY and will come in handy.

    6) as for apps, I recommend Titanium Backup. Its very easy to backup apps or uninstall them. I would also get the Flashlight app and the ADW launcher. ADW also has the paid EX version which is awesome. I also use PlayerPro as my music app.

    Hope this helps you out. :D
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  3. bpaulien

    bpaulien Well-Known Member

    I just got notification that my Marquee has shipped from Ting also. I'm really looking forward to it. And just in time to port my number from Virgin Mobile before my month is over.

    I haven't read enough about the roms available for this, but will start, as I'm curious about setting them up, and what I have read seems to imply that the roms from sprint/boost are compatible with Ting, so that's good.

    I love their plan structure,and will be saving significantly over my current non contract plan with VM.

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