Suggestions for a homework/assignment/organization app


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I am currently a Senior in college and I am really looking to step it up for my last year and stay as organized as possible. I figured since I pretty much live and die by my phone, and I utilize many of it's features to convience myself whenever possible, I am looking for something (preferably free, but no limited to) that I can keep track of my assignments and school things, and be able to always have my homework/reading assignments in my pocket. I go home on weekends and rather than carrying a planner/assignment pad, It is easier to just bring my books home, and have my assignments on an app somewhere.

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Well for keeping track of your assignments/homework due dates, you can always create a google calendar. If you sync that up with some sort of agenda widget (android agenda widget, pure agenda widget etc...) then you can display all your upcoming assignments on one of your homescreens. You can also setup email or txt reminiders for those assignments.


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pretty sweet idea do I create a google calandar?

Create a new calendar - Google Calendar Help

A Google Calendar devoted to school assignments and tasks is a good idea. Another would be a "to do list" or task-tracking app such as Astrid.

As mentioned by Dylo, an "agenda" type widget would be good for tracking upcoming to-dos. Search for agenda widget in the Market for a plethora of options. I use one called Executive Assistant that shows me to-do items, appointments, and latest missed calls, emails, and text messages all together on one screen (and you can customize it to not show any of those that you don't need). It costs a few bucks in the Market unless you want an ad-supported version, but I find it worth it. There are good free agenda apps, though.


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Try class buddy pro. Its sort of like an agenda app made specifically for use in school. Ita able go keep track of all your deadlines, classes, assignments, grades, etc, and integrates with google calendar as well. It also has its own widgets. There's a free lite version you could try with less features.