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Suggestions on tests/test resources for new app

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by pledgeX, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. pledgeX

    pledgeX Lurker
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    I’m new to android development and my first app is nearing completion. Obviously I want to test it before I ship it.

    I’m fairly confident in creating tests that look at the app itself, i.e. it’s functionality, compatibility on multiple screen sizes and OS levels etc. What I’m less sure about it is what could happen outside the app that could have an affect on it. I think my primary concern is ensuring the app continues to function correctly when different parts of the lifecycle are hit that might be out of the ordinary. The sorts of tests I’m thinking of are:
    • What happens when the user gets a call when using the app?
    • What happens when the user exits the app in one orientation, but re-enters in another, or in split screen mode?
    • What happens if the user kills the app from the app overview screen?
    • What happens when the user uninstall/re-installs the app?
    • What happens when the user restarts their phone with the app open?
    Does anyone have any suggestions on resources for generic tests like this that I should make sure I test?

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