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Super Jetpack Dragon IV: Village Burntopia out now for some devices!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bryan @ muteki, May 25, 2010.

  1. bryan @ muteki

    Thread Starter

    This is Muteki Corporation's first Android release...so please...be gentle.

    Jetpack Dragon is here in Village Burntopia, sent back to Ancient China, with one goal: Terrorizing Villagers. But I'm getting ahead of myself...first, an introduction.
    Meet Jetpack Dragon:

    You control Jetpack Dragon as he runs, jumps, hovers, dashes, destroys, and most importantly, burnina...*ahem* I mean, burns...villages.

    The game features constantly increasing difficulties, as well as the now-standard online leaderboards and awards. But enough of these words, on to a screenshot:

    And those tiny specks on the grass? None other the evil hordes fleeing from your righteous flames! [​IMG] And how do we know they're evil? Simple. You're the good guy and video game science says anyone not you isn't.

    And you can't argue with Science.

    This has been tested on the Nexus One and somewhat on the Droid. If you happen to see it available on any other devices PLEASE either post here or PM me with details...we're trying to support Android fully in all future games we develop and the more we learn now, the better the games will be in the future.

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  2. DenieD_UK

    DenieD_UK Newbie

    graphics look nice, sales pitch was funny.. but no demo :(

    Does this definately work well on the Desire?
  3. bryan @ muteki

    Thread Starter

    Looking over the specs of the Desire it should work wonderfully, as it seems to match the specs of the Nexus One...

    Like I said in the opening post...this is our first foray into the world of Android game development and we're still trying to fully understand how this all works - I can definitely promise things will keep getting better from here (and any devices that people report issues with, we'll more than gladly buy and make sure we get things fixed).
  4. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    Shows up for the Moment.
  5. bryan @ muteki

    Thread Starter

    Thanks mrmojoz!
    What version of Android are you running on the Moment?
    For whatever reason I have that phone listed as only running Android 1.5 which I'm pretty sure the game won't work with...

    And I just want to say again thanks to those who are getting us feedback!
  6. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    2.1 is the official version for the Moment now.

    EDIT: Runs fine too.
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  7. bryan @ muteki

    Thread Starter

    Pushed our first little update (some resolution fixes for some devices...as well as some blatant...shall we say art swaps that were intended to happen but didn't).

    The bigger update including new gameplay (v1.2) is currently in the works and will feature mini-boss battles as well as a new powerup store (so start saving those gold coins now!)
  8. bryan @ muteki

    Thread Starter

    A month ago we first released Super Jetpack Dragon IV: Village Burntopia for Android, and here we are now, after a month of working long hours...and wandering the halls of E3 doing "market research" with the first new update.

    First, the full post can be found on our website at: Sneak Peek: Jetpack Dragon v1.2

    As for the brief version, new in 1.2 comes the item shop! It's time to put all of those gold coins people have been racking up to good use!

    Enable the power-up in-game (your currently selected power-up will be displayed as an icon on the top of the screen) to surround yourself with flames, slam on the brakes to slow down, or throw up a bubble shield that lets you float to safety if you mis-time a jump.

    Or, if you're feeling dangerous, there's the random powerup, which will act as any of the other power-ups, but you won't know which until you use it - it's cheaper, and may save your life...or it may just take you from falling to your death, to falling to your death encased in flames.

    So there it is...sneak peak at Super Jetpack Dragon IV: Village Burntopia v1.2, part 1.

    Part two will show the in-game UI, as well as a look at battling it out with Rocket Panda.

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