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Jan 26, 2011
Cm 11 latest stable. Get that error several times a day. Why is shell asking for SU? Any ideas?
That's a problem with superuser on some devices. Is there anything you do to trigger it? I don't know now to fix that problem... I have it myself actually :/
what you COULD try is use SuperSU as your root managing app. Or, you could wipe data, reflash your rom, or flash a new ROM entirely. If you press a certain key combination or try to do a certain task that triggers it, try to avoid it I suppose. Not much I can do to help though... sorry
yea mine pops up with the same,and then disappears,nothing seems to change that ive noticed,i just let it do it and go on with my day.but i do try to see what app or what i do to cause it,but never can remeber to take notes lol
im sorry mine has superuser granted to shell? it has stayed on
Yes all apps are showing allowed but it shows shell denied, here is a pic showing the denied, but i dont have a su app in my drawer or dwnlded from playstore, so how do i have super user unser my settings but no app, is it built in the cm rom? Before i reflashed everything and started fresh it asked which su you would like to use(wugs tool kit) and i picked chainfire i believe its named but not one su app in my drawer?


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It looks like CM has Superuser built in. Wugs copies over SuperSU (in the "!ready to Flash" folder), but you have to flash it (IIRC). Or, you can just install SuperSU from the Play store. Dirty Unicorns uses SuperUser, but I installed SuperSU as I like it much better and so do some apps like Titanium Backup.
I tried to install su app from playstore, but then everything stopped working due to the fact it says it needed su permission, ill download a su app and take a screenshot of wat happens, gv me a min
Installed chainfire su and now it tells me im not rooted, and the apps that nd su permission wont allow, here's a few pics, but as soon as i uninstall su chainfire, everything goes bk to normal, dnt gt it just uninstalled su and now I have root


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yes before i had supersu on my n7,but for some odd reason,the only su i have is wat came with cm,and its under settings on the n7,when i used wugs it has the option to pick which one and what recovery,i picked supersu but not there,as long as it all works its fine,just dont understand why in the super user section it shows shell denied but everything else is not denied.

ps anyone knows why when you go to the updates on the n7 for cm,it will never show any updates ,except what you have installed?
The superuser granted shell perms I found out it some sort of bug report which is triggered buy pushing both volume buttons at the same time it makes my tablet so laggy that it was like a single core at 600mhz on arm v6 if not worse and I don't know how to delete that feature