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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nathan312, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. nathan312

    nathan312 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I will be at work on superbowl working 5pm to 1am...so I will obviously miss it. I'm the new guy at work so they put me on of course lol...We have 1 tv in the back but it constantly loops the training video (wtf??). I found this thread: http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid/42695-superbowl-droid.html but I'm not sure if that will work this year seeing as how some people last year (info from the thread) couldn't view it.

    Is there ANY way I can watch the superbowl on my dInc??

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  2. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast

    Not really specific to incredible so thread will prob. get moved. There is the option for dishnet, sling adaptor and then the free dishnet app. Will link to your dishnet receiver to allow total control of live TV and DVR. Need a 722 receiver or greater. This is prob. not an option for ya but hey it's an option..
  3. rcubed

    rcubed Well-Known Member

    I think you can just get a slingbox and associacted app and that will allow you to watch in on your phone. I think they sell them at bestbuy
  4. Robq81

    Robq81 Newbie

    they have different websites that you can watch live tv on.....not sure if we can list links but there are a few out there.
  5. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    Completely agree. Probably a reason this forum is so rarely used anymore (like 25) total posts since this morning.

    Hopefully this wont move to the help forum where it will die on the vine like the rest of the questions.

    To answer you question though you app. data space is low and you will not be able to get e -mails (among other notifications) until. its fixed. Go to settings, applications, sort by space. Then open them up and clear data. This should help but will have to do it every so often.
  6. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    you may not be able to see the game but you can always watch a live play by play on go.espn.com on your phone
  7. TokedUp

    TokedUp Android Enthusiast

    Slingbox FTW! Its the best app I have. I used to watch stuff on Ustream before I got Sling so that may be an option.
  8. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)

    Looks fine to me, so it stays.

    There are a few apps out there you can use, otherwise you can also visit certain "underground" streaming sites that broadcast all kinds of sporting events. I think the latter is being forcefully shut down by the government as a few sites that I know of have been seized by I.C.E., so you're gonna have to look real hard to find one.
  9. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah agreed, good luck finding a site that will be streaming the game. Especially the nfl. Maybe the nfl app will have audio. Or you can try ustream, usually unreliable though. My ass will be in pittsburgh watching the game! I'm so fn ready for this game! Good luck with your finding and if I come across something I will surely let you know.
  10. nathan312

    nathan312 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I like the slingbox idea, but I don't want to pay $330 to watch it lol...I guess I'll just have to record it...ugh.
  11. TokedUp

    TokedUp Android Enthusiast

    $330? last i checked they were under $150, one time fee.
  12. pwrshft99

    pwrshft99 Member

    The site you speak of was immediately back up in a couple of different varations. It works perfect with the phone and its free..

    PM sent to OP...
  13. gparadox

    gparadox Member

    i'll send you a link to the op
  14. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Good luck my man and lets go steelees
  15. Zeimos

    Zeimos Newbie

    Link sent to the OP. And, yes. GO STEELERS!!
  16. ikediggety

    ikediggety Well-Known Member

  17. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

  18. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    This... watching ufc tonight. Obviously wifi is required for any streams...
  19. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    can i has link to site too
  20. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Someone please send me the link if you can. I do know one site based in Europe that I usually watch NFL games on but not sure about this one...
  21. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Thanks for the link
  22. pwrshft99

    pwrshft99 Member

    E. ntertain

    sail4fun201 likes this.
  23. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Jaha, awesome

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