SuperEMF The Supernatural EMF Reader for Android


SuperEMF is an EMF meter and with it you could track easily all paranormal activities with your Android phone. It uses a great layout based on the famous EMF device used by "Winchester Brothers" - Supernatural.


- Reads EMF and EVP in real time;
- Uses micro Tesla and milli Gauss unities in three axis(X,Y and Z);
- Could switch between two alert songs(one song is based on Winchester's EMF, another is a beep-beep sound) and alert you about supernatural presence;
- The sound plays loud for higher EMF values;
- The leds on top off screen turns on for higher EMF values;
- Graphic view to view detailed information and play EMF store records;
- Change the colours of lines in graphic;
- The sensibility of readings is configurable;


Available on play store:
http://Get It on Google Play