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Root "SuperTab" Custom ROM for Micromax Funbook Pro

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Devansk, Dec 28, 2012.


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  1. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter
    Oct 21, 2012

    Oct 21, 2012
    SuperTab - CustomROM|SuperFast|SuperSmooth|BeatsAudio|Bravia Engine|Much More|ICS 4.0.4 For Micromax Funbook Pro :cool:

    Feel Like Superman

    Features -
    -Zipaligned all .apk files to optimize ram
    -Hardware Acceleration Enabled
    -Added Init.d Support
    -Added data/app functionality
    -Replaced stock launcher with Nemus Launcher
    -Better Video Playback and Streaming
    -Better Camera Image Quality
    -Battery Tweaks
    -Adrenaline Boost script included
    -ICS Bar hide mod
    -Better Touch Response
    -Performance Tweaks
    -Net Speed Tweaks
    -Tweaked Hosts File (No more advertisements)
    -Ram Tweaks and Scripts
    -Init.d tweaks
    -Apollo music player
    -Bravia Engine
    -SuperChargerv6 script included
    -KickAssKernelizer script included
    -Die-Hard Battery Calibrator included
    -3gTurboCharger script included
    -AwesomeBeats Pre-Installed
    -Patched Services.jar, Smali Files for better performance (also required by superchargerv6 to supercharge 100%)
    -Replaced stock file explorer with ES File Explorer
    -Removed all bloatware
    -Ultra Smooth
    -Much more ! ;)

    Bugs -
    -none yet :)

    How to Install this ROM?

    *This ROM is flashable via CWM recovery
    First make a backup before flashing this ROM, just in case!!
    1. Reboot to recovery
    2. Wipe data/ Factory reset
    3. Wipe Cache partition
    4. Wipe dalvik cache in advanced menu
    5. Install zip from sd card and locate the zip and flash!!
    6. Reboot system
    7. Enjoy !

    OPTIONAL - How to further improve performance of tab? (takes around 10 mins):smokingsomb:

    I have included some scripts in the rom
    -SuperChargerv6 script
    -KickAssKernelizer script
    -Die-Hard Battery Calibrator
    -3gTurboCharger script

    These scripts doesn't install autopmatically when you install the rom. You will have to install them manually. Just open Smanager then, hit back 3 times-->Navigate to system/xbin then find "busybox_v1.19.4_wraithdu_installer_v14.sh", after that touch it then touch the "su" icon (make sure it is green) then touch run ! It will install latest busybox. then hit back

    Then the easiest part - (Remmember - touch the "su" icon before installing any script, make sure it is green)

    Run Superchargerv6.sh[Recommended for GAMERS][takes 5 min] - go through the script. choose the soft kernel. Then at the driver's console choose the 9th option. Then choose the SuperClean and Restart Option. (you will have to run the script every time when you reboot but when you run first time it takes time to install but when u do it after reboot it will take u straight to driver's console and after that choose 33rd option and hit back.)

    Run KickAssKernelizer.sh[May cause Lag][takes 1min] - open it. Type K when asked for option. go through the script. then choose second kernel (recommended one) if asked. Then hit back.

    Run 3gTurboCharger.sh[3G connections work faster][takes 1min] - Choose 4th Option. Then 13th. Then hit back. (thats all)

    Run Die-Hard battery calibrator[Recommended] (increases battery life) - Plugin charger to the tab. Then run the script. Wait until 4200ma reached. Then Calibrate. Then hit back.(Done!)

    Now enjoy the quickness of the device and long lasting battery life :D

    *Note - 1 in 1000 times the tab lags after installing these scripts if u find lag refer to FAQs. If FAQ doesn't helps. Re-Flash ROM and try again Or use only SuperChargerv6 script !
    Download Link --> SuperTabv1_by_Devansh.zip


    1) ICS bar not visible-- > Default ics bar mode is set to fullscreen mod.
    To change go to settings-> Display-> Fullscreen Mode--> Normal

    2) Tab Lagging after installing scripts --> (i)Just open KickAssKernelizer.sh in Smanager, touch su (make sure it is green) then run it, then type U and hit enter and it will disable the script. Then Reboot.
    (ii)If above method doesn't works then u will need to re-flash the ROM and try again or don't use the KickAssKernelizer script.

    3) How to use Adrenaline Boost Script ? --> Download Terminal Emulator, Open it then type

    A Big thanks to Zepplinrox for his amazing scripts !
    P.S- I will not UPDATE this ROM.


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