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Support for Hindi & Tamil Language

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by htcexplorer, May 22, 2012.

  1. htcexplorer

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    4 days ago my phone (htc explorer) showed a notification about a system update stating "The update will support Hindi & Tamil languages"..I proceeded with the update.
    For more clarity I googled about the same, and there were many websites where it was written that HTC has released this update only for HTC customers in India and after applying this update they will be able to view and compose content in Hindi and Tamil languages, but sadly I was unable to find any option for doing that.
    HTC Explorer gets Hindi and Tamil language support
    HTC Explorer now comes with full Hindi and Tamil language support - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News

    But yes, something which got updated was the language & keyboard settings menu on my htc explorer..now it started giving one more option by the name "HTC Indic IME"...selecting which I got choices for using 3 types of keyboards for Hindi & Tamil. Please refer to the screenshot for further clarity.

    I have selected only the Devanagri keyboard, but still I have no idea how can I type in Hindi as I am only getting the standard English keyboard when typing anything on the phone. I know there are many apps on play store for this purpose but still I am curious about using this one. Also tried contacting the customer support but didn't get any replies.

    Posted my query on other forums also but didn't get any reply..
    Hope someone could help sort this out..

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  2. htcexplorer

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    I guess nobody has had this issue..or there might not be any other explorer user from India..
  3. we need bangla language support.... :( can't read sms in bangla... :(
  4. shahramg

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    1. did you enable the keyboard?
    2. have you selected it in Input Method afterwards?
  5. htcexplorer

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    How should I do that.??

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