Mar 27, 2018

I face some problems using Lenovo P 70 by using a hotspot connection and providing my laptop with the Internet. Usually, when I turn on hotspot on Lenovo P70 I get an exclamation mark on laptop's Wi-Fi icon which tells me that the is no Interent accsess. Furthermore, when I switch on troubleshoot for detecting of problems I get an answer - "troubleshooting was unable to authomaticaly fix all of the issues found" and "the DNS server might be unavailable". On the other hand the phone gives me an appropriate signal from time to time. I managed to get this signal by swhitching on - off the phione's hotspot several times.The problem is that I couldn't share Wi-Fi connection with the laptop more than a week. However, I am a little bit confused and I am looking for a permanent decision of this problem.