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Support: Ringtones/notifications randomly reset.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OrKo, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. OrKo

    OrKo Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else had this happen to them? I once flashed B/O/R and my phone did this so I just figured it a bug and uninstalled it. I've had this problem before on the ascend with cm7.1. now fur the past few days its been happening again, I'll turn my phone off at work to conserve battery and when I turn it back on the phone will just reset all my personal ringtones phone ringtone, text tone, notification tone, ect.... Can any one shed some light on why this might be happening? Its super annoying to one either go through and reset them all, or wipe the ROM and re flash my back up. Btw I'm running zv9/rooted/semi debloated(nothing lg related got deleted).

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  2. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Android Expert

    Happens to me too. I think it's cause my notifications tones are on my sd card and when the phone reboots it sometimes doesn't scan the card as thoroughly. Annoying as hell just one of the reasons i can't wait the S3.
  3. SegamanXero

    SegamanXero Well-Known Member

    I have had those issues too. Sometimes it seems like the phone has a mind of its own, it will revert back to a older ringtone I selected. Or even more annoyingly it will make the ringtone to the "Facebook Pop" tone.

    I haven't had it happen on Black Plague, but I haven't changed the ringtone on it from the default. It happened to me on Stock and on Broken Out.
  4. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    I had issues with the media scanner not doing its job on start up and the tones disappearing from my wife's list, but still being on the phone, so I cheated and put the ring tones in \system\media\audio\ringtones, and notification sounds in the \system\media\audio\notifications folders.
    It also prevents the ringtones from resetting when plugged in to a pc.
    Don't know if it will help you, but it works for her.
    She is currently on the Black Plague Rom, but she was on stock before, worked for both Roms.
    I use the same trick on my Esteem as well
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  5. OrKo

    OrKo Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks I'll try that. How do think the system would hold up if I put 200+ mp3s into it. About 90mb worth of tones
  6. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    I do not know... Never really thought of trying it.
    You must have a lot of people calling you...

    I haven't tried it with more than a dozen ringtones.
    I would imaging just trying to set ringtones would be a pain, assuming the phone didn't crash when you opened the menu, or freeze...
    I wouldn't recommend it, but if you do try it, let us know how it goes..
  7. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    My phone does this also, only it doesn't take a reboot to change my main ringtone (you have to be special to get your own ringtone lol). I just set it earlier, from a music file and then a cousin called and some weird white noishish pulsing sound emitted from my phone. Certainly not Follow Me by Uncle Kracker (yes, sometimes it's not country) I had not had any reboots and had made one call to my mom after changing her ringtone to "Are you my mummy?" from Doctor Who. I had to call her and laugh about it. Other than that I had not even touched my phone. Then it started that weirdo ringing and I was looking at it as if it were possessed. I never have my notification volume turned up....with emails, google+. facebook and texts my phone would be going off all the smeggin time. I'm going to try just making a few mp3 files, or are they .ogg? I will look, to put in my system files and perhaps that will do the trick. Thanks

  8. OrKo

    OrKo Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I only use about a half a dozen myself really, I was just wondering if out cutlass be done that way. And you say by throwing my made tones into notifications it should work as well?
  9. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    Oh, I see, (just now getting around to checking into this) this is an easy fix if you don't want to put a bazillion songs in your system for ringtones. On my phone, I use handcent sms as my messenger, so when I go to choose a ringtone or notification sound, whatever, I choose between android system or handcent. If I choose handcent, then I get my music files. Ok, so you don't want a gad of crap in there you aren't going to use to make room for the stuff you will use. So just use whatever file explorer you use and go in there and delete the sounds you don't want. You can delete that poweron file. If we ever figure out how to make a boot sound you can always add that back. The files in here need to be in .ogg format. If you already just have a short piece of mp3 from a song you can use that, or there are mp3 editors on the market that you can use to get the exact part of the song you want, or you can just use this next site I'm going to tell you about to do it all. The mp3s need to be converted to .ogg files. I have a website that I always use to convert files if I need them in .wav or .ogg. It's so simple, you just put the snippet of whatever you have and tell it what format you want and it spits it right out for you. I'm trying really hard to remember the name of it, It's on my other laptop with the cracked screen...um, it's weird...media.io yeah that's it...no .com or anything on the end of it, just .io

    whoohooo, I remembered something. let me tell you, when you have a huge hole in your brain from a prior tumor and now a new tumor plus chemo fog, that's a good thing. lol


    oh, another thing to help make room in your system sounds, look at your alarm clock sounds....do you use all those? if you do leave them, if not, why clutter up your space....thanks to Tokenpoke for that tip :)
  10. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    Personally, I only use two ringtones and one notification sound, my wife uses many. I have had no trouble with putting them into the system folders. Usually, there aren't a lot of notification sounds you need, but I would imagine you can add as many as you will use.

    I tried the ogg format, but I use mp3s. I haven't had trouble on the Esteem or the Connect with using mp3s. On older MetroPCS phones, I needed to use ogg and add the number before the sound, but that was a few phones ago. You can use ogg or mp3, you might even be able to get away with wma, just never tried.

    Make sure you edit the id3 tags in the mp3 files, or the vorbis comments if using ogg format, when you put them in the folder as the menu will check the tag first, then filename when displaying the sounds. First time I tried, I forgot to change the tags in the editor from the Silence sound I added...the result was a few sounds all labeled Silence but still played the right music.

    Hope this clarifies...
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  11. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    I wasn't sure about using mp3s since all the files were .ogg, I just made mine that way. I also didn't use entire songs. When the phone rings, if you are using a song you like, mostly you want to hear the chorus, not just the beginning music....so I just edited and I did convert mine. Since I rarely turn my notification sound up, I only made one noticfication sound....the sound of the TARDIS taking off, lol. Then I only have one sound for an alarm. I have a ringtone for each of my parents, my three daughters, the bf, and a handful of friends....like I said, you have to be special to get a ringtone from me, lol. When I had my Admire I had the shutdown sound to when David Tennat's Doctor was regenarating and said, "I don't want to go" bahahaha. (i actually cried like a baby during that episode) Nice to know if I want to change sounds, I don't have to convert them, I can just use the mp3s

  12. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    Glad that I could help with information.

    I only use three ringtones and one notification tone. One for regular calls (The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There), One for my wife (The Beatles - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da), and Silence for the Spanish telemarketers. The notification sound is the Secret unlock sound from the original Legend of Zelda.
    I have thought of making a flashable zip that includes these tones and the boot animation I prefer so I could test Roms without having extra steps beyond the Recovery mode.

    Lol, not sure if it is clever, or lazy.
  13. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    lol, I have a piece of the Doctor Who theme song, Kiss my Country Ass..heh heh, It's Time to get a Gun, Hell on Heels, God Blessed Texas, Takin Pills...but just the part that goes....she's a rootin tootin pistol from the lone star state, she mixes up a double at the break of every day, she might get crazy but she don't get mean....that's a ringtone for a friend and it's hers for me, (she always copies me) Burned, by Neil Young (not all country) Follow Me by Uncle Kracker and as a ringtone for someone Smoke a little Smoke. Then I have the Doctor Who, are you my mummy, for my mom's ringtone. I still have a couple more to do. The zippable deal does sound like a good idea. I make my own boot animations anyway. I just get tired of the same ringtones after awhile and will change them in a month or so. Let me tell you, not changing them to .ogg as saved a lot of hassle. First I edit and just get the chorus or whatever part of the song I want. Then I was saving that, going to the website, choosing the file, converting it, the downloading, the going to root browser, going to the sd card, to downloads, finding the song, then moving it to system/media/audio/ringtones.....PITA. So I thank you very much. I just assumed, (which we know what that means) that because all the files already in there were .ogg that was the format they had to be in. I'm thinking when I had my Admire, whatever format the sounds were in, you had to keep them that way. I could be wrong though. My memory is crapadoodledoo.

  14. DrHangman

    DrHangman Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help.
    Sounds like you have quite a selection for ringtones.
    Not having to convert them on a website should prove to help out.
    Sounds like you had one heck of a process in order to change your sounds...
    I use Sound Forge, so I will load up the song I want, then pick out the piece I want played. I will see if it loops nicely, and then I will hit it with Wavehammer with the volume module disabled, then use the L2 or the L3 UltraMaximizer to bring the volume to just under 0db. This makes it very clear, and very loud. It is especially nice for songs that were recorded before that last couple of decades since it brings to the foreground some sounds that would otherwise not have been heard.
    If you can get a hold of Sound Forge, I recommend it, but the cost is a bit prohibitive for just ringtones. It does, however, allow you to save in whatever format you would prefer.

    Now, I have only modified existing boot animations to suit the tastes of myself and my wife, you say you make your own?
    I wouldn't mind learning more about that.
    I understand the different folders with the individual images, one played straight through, one for looping and then the desc.txt...This is the one I use for my boot...
    480 800 30 p 1 0 part0 p 0 0 part1
    first part resolution? (480x800)
    second and third raise questions...
    (p 1 0 part0) There are 10 images in part0, but not sure if this is what it means.
    (p 0 0 part1) part1 loops, "0 0" signifies this?
    Do you know the parameters of this string? What can I change?
    Anyway, that is a bit off topic, just something I haven't yet explored.
    If I can, I want to re-enable the boot sounds and have a short clip play on boot.

    Thanks for any info
  15. OrKo

    OrKo Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I've had over 200 ringtones made ever since I was rocking the razor then the sliver shortly after. I just made a poop load all at once from all sorts of things from r2d2 sounds for notifications to full on 28 sec bits and pieces of any track I wanted in my library of music. I obviously couldn't use them all I just wanted to make ones I liked cause back then the big thing was to buy your ringtones from metro Web apps. I never wanted to ever have to worry about ringtones ever again.. Lmao
  16. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    Ok, when it comes to music, that is one thing that I have no problem spending money on. "Music feeds my soul"

    On boot animation, you can forget a boot sound for right now. I spent a good solid week and half doing every thing I could think of to get that to play. We have a PowerOn file with a mp3 in it, I figured there had to be some way to get it to play. I tried everything I could think of, I consulted with TokenPoke, I downloaded a bazillion boot animation zips from different LG phones and tore into them to look at the desc.txt, I tried adding a sound command to it, nothing worked. I finally broke down and asked Playfulgod, he said he thought it was something to do with a missing binary. He was going to see if he could maybe fix it with one from the Esteem, but I haven't bothered him again about it.

    I can send you a detailed guide on how I make my boot animations and the software you will need...it's all free. What I do is find a video I like, youtube or whatever, download it, convert that to jpeg, run that through a photo resizer, batch converter and then put it in a boot animator....the boot animator makes your desc.txt file, well you set your parameters. You don't have to use a video, if you have a series of pics. Now on your desc.txt how many images do you have total? I know you will see a lot of guides telling you to make a part0 and a part1 but your really don't have to, I have 50, all in just one folder. But let me see if I can explain this properly. A lot of times I know what I mean in my head, but it doesn't come outloud like that lol. Ok, let's make it easier here and say our desc.txt looks like this

    480 800 10
    p 1 0 part0
    p 0 0 part1

    Okay, obviously 480 800 is our screen resolution 10 is the frames per second
    then you come down to your Ps....everyone thinks those Ps are for the parts folders...not so. p means play. it's a command, basically telling it what to do, okay so play and at a fps of 10 from the top line, if we put in p 1 0 that is 1 second. what that means is how long it will pause after playing the pics in part0 before going on to a second folder. If you don't have a second folder, you wouldn't want to put a 1 in there unless you want your screen to pause for 1 second after it runs through the pics each time. 0 is infinite, until the boot process is over. that is why on the second folder it's just zeros. If you only have one folder it would be 480 800 then whatever you want your fps at then p 0 0 part0 and that's it. One thing that I didn't realize until I really started searching and learning is like after you put your pics through the system that renames them, you put them in your parts folder, you need to just like pick one out of the middle and turn it sideways. I know it seems weird, actually, I know you have to do this with video, I have never used still pics before...it will be like you have your boot animation in landscape mode if you don't. The first one I made was just a travel through space at a really high speed with all the stars and space junk flying by. I didn't turn my pics because I didn't think it would matter....it looked like crap. Then there are several Doctor Who ones out there with the TARDIS flying through the vortex, but none fit my screen right, or did weird pause things, so I downloaded the opening theme from YouTube and then after I changed the video to jpeg, I took out the ones that said BBC and the actors names, then I renumbered them and now I have it like I want it. It would be perfect if it had sound. So, if you want to try with video, you will need to be able to download youtube, you will need the video to jpeg converter, a program called FastStone photo resizer, and a boot animation program. You can go ahead and just google FastStone and then I will get you the links to the other programs and a detailed guide on how to use it all. Oh, since these are free downloads...not trial versions either, yours to keep forever and ever amen, they start installing free shopper and different search engines and toolbars and a bunch of crap....I just download what I need and once it's installed, go in and uninstall that stuff and set my browser stuff back the way it's supposed to be. Sometimes when it says, "are you sure you want to uninstall blahblahblah and all it's programs" don't worry about it uninstalling what you downloaded that you need, it won't.

    So, I have to do a little detective work on some a hole one of my daughters is dating and once I do that, I will get busy on this. You know the other day I toying around with making a guide for this site and I got busy doing something different. Go figure :)

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  17. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    Okay, so give me tonight to play around with a program. All this software that I use is opensource free software. I believe I got most of it from cNet. The animator I didn't though and for some reason I didn't have the setup files in my downloads like I did the rest of the files. So I went searching for it and I never got a real website, just click here and I don't know why because it's rather old and didn't do this when I installed it, but everywhere I went, my Nortan's immediately removed it. I can't go announcing that around. I've found something I think I might like even a lot better, you will just have to make your own desc.txt file and compress it yourself, well you don't actually compress it, you "store" it and label it as a zip.

    So let me play with this and then I believe I will let y'all know where to get the programs and I think I will make video instructions. I think that way people can just rewatch if they don't get it the first time.

    Oh, I'm such a dorko, I was looking in the playstore and amazon apps for Sound Forge and Wavehammer. hahaha, I didn't realize you meant they were on your computer!! Hey, have you seen that speaker diamond something or other on the metro website in accessory's that you don't have to plug into your phone? It's wireless...200 bucks. I need to start looking for one of those a whole lot cheaper!! I have a set of Sony phone speakers, but I like those wireless ones...
  18. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    This happens to me as well. Annoying.
  19. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    I haven't forgotten about doing a boot animation guide, I was just not feeling well yesterday. I noticed when I re read how to read a desc.txt file I didn't explain something properly. If you have more than one folder, the first one will say, p 1 0 part0 this means that the pics in this folder will play 1 time before going to the next. Then your second one will be zeros, meaning it will keep looping until the your phone is finished. The higher you have your fps, the faster it will go through, but you can't set that unrealistically. I normally use 15. Also, you can actually have as many folders as you want... 1, 2, 3. You just don't want more than 100 pics in each. If your boot animation is one solid video, less than 100 pics, there is no reason to have 2 folders. If you want to combine two separate videos or sets of pics to make some kind of theme, then you have more than one folder & choose which plays first to go in the part0 folder.

    Since moving my ringtones to the system, my phone ringtone stays the same, but individual ones I set for people change to the default phone ringtone I have set anytime my phone reboots or I reset it myself. I use the TSF shell launcher & that changes back to the original theme & icons, plus the lg keyboard (even with the keyboard manager, with the on boot checked). It's become a pain in arse to have my phone reboot.

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