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Swap out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ZooCrazie, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. ZooCrazie

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    I think everyone is aware of the note 3 and it's issues , I think with the software update from Samsung. The continual dropped calls and lack of service. That is for me at least has been the issue.

    Today I called and went all crazy on a VA tech support person. She called Samsung and asked if there that were was any known fixes for this issue close in the future. Samsung told that currently there was no fixes planned or in the works.

    My question here is this.
    Verizon is offering me 2 choices to help with the problem. First is to again receive a "certified like new" Note 3 and possibly have the same issue I have have now. Or I can receive a "certified like new" Galaxy S5. I'm kinda site goes here trying to decide what to do. I love my note 3 but are sick of the lack of service and they other issues. I really love my big screen.

    Is it a wise choice to go from the n3 to the S5? If anyone feels like offering up some advice or tips I would to read them :)

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  2. I'm going back to the 2....I bought a four, but felt guilty about the 750 dollars it will cost me, and the two is a beast.

    Plus the 3 and the 4 both distort in my car over bluetooth. My two hardly ever did...

    Will wait for something else and always buy at Best Buy because of no restocking fee..

    Bye bye 3....
  3. ZooCrazie

    ZooCrazie Member
    Thread Starter

    Well......I just got off the phone with VZ support again. This guy was telling me that I can do a couple things , first thing i mentioned above. Swap the N3 for N3 or N3 for S5. He gave me another option offered through the VZ edge program. I could take my N3 and trade it for DRIOD TURBO. So i'm considering that. Gonna read up on the TURBO and see if it is something I am going to like. This whole issue with the N3 is frustrating and I don't understand why Samsung isn't taking steps to get a fix out soon for the problem.

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