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Swapped Droid, Capacitive Buttons Light & SD Card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AndroidsOfTara, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. AndroidsOfTara

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    I swapped out my 44/09 Droid today for a variety of problems including random shutdowns, reboots, recorded video corruption (videos recorded with the Droid would often be corrupted) and light leaking onto the screen from the capacitive button backlights.

    Ever since I got the Droid in early December, I have been extremely annoyed with being able to see a bright line of light from the backlight of the capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen. This was visible at normal viewing angles, highly visible in landscape mode and extremely irritating to me.

    There have been a number of other threads on this and other forums complete with photos and people saying that it was completely normal and that all Droids had this to some extent.

    The two Droids at my local VZW store didn't have this issue and neither does my replacement Droid. I can still see light, but I do have to actually look for it at ridiculous viewing angles to see it.

    The replacement is a 48/09 that came in a white box. I believe this is a refurbished Droid despite the VZW representative telling me otherwise. Refurb or not, this Droid seems to be functionally and cosmetically perfect.

    I would also like to point out to people returning or exchanging phones like the Droid with SD cards, that it is *extremely* easy to recover the contents of an SD card even after you have formatted the card in the phone or on your computer. When I returned an Eris in November, I experimented with formatting the card in both the phone and my computer. I was able to completely recover all data on the card.

    The only way to make sure the data on the card can't be recovered is to completely overwrite the card with data and then reformat the card. I used the 'shred' utility in Ubuntu Linux and was no longer able to recover data.

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    If I was getting a replacement phone, I would rather get a refurbished phone rather than a new one. As long as it is cosmetically like new, internally and electronically, they tend to be MUCH better than a brand new phone. Why? Because, when a phone is sent back to the manufacturer, an actual technician sits down with the device and goes over the entire phone, returning it to specification. In doing so, you get a phone that has received 100% personal attention and seen by human eyes that's not part of hundreds or thousands of phones on an assembly line.

    As for the LED light leak issue, I have a 39/09 and there is a little leak if you're looking down into the crack. But even then, definitely not at normal viewing angles. It really depends on how well they seal that area. I think overall, this phone (and the N1, it seems) could have better sealing around the screens.

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