Swapping Motherboard to New Phone for saved files? HELP


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I have a Galaxy s4, that accidentally had the screen smashed. I bought an aftermarket screen and tried installing it myself, but no dice.

So in the end, I filed an insurance claim and had a new phone delivered. The thing is, I want to keep everything the same- not just my contacts, but other saved info in the apps the layout of my apps, etc.

Here's the question: Can I swap the old motherboard (with the memory) from my old phone and put it in the new phone? This much is pretty simple to do since you don't have to take the entire phone apart like replacing the LCD. Or would this cause problems with the ESN of the phone and cause it to not work properly?


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The ESN is on the motherboard, so that's not a problem. But I'll bet that you'll damage something in swapping the motherboard (which is more complicated than swapping screens), and you'll have 2 dead phones.

(BTW, if you installed the new screen properly, whatever smashed the old screen probably damaged the motherboard, so even if you did the job correctly, you'd have a dead phone.)