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Swapping sims between phones, yay!

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by syntrix, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. syntrix

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    I just wanted to share this, it will probably die and only be up in a search.

    I ordered a microsim to regular sim adapter. Put the sim from my VZW SGN into the adapter, and then fought with it going into my old bionic (the way the bionic is setup, it's a little difficult since the micro sim can fall out easily).

    Booted up the bionic.... got some constant sign in to google errors, but after about a minute, I was on the network and the retry on the google sign-in worked. Yay, had my old phone online just by swapping the sim.

    Immediately called VZW just to make sure it works. CSR said well it appears to work. Hounded her to verify that this is ok with VZW and she said, yes and asked for the requisite notate my account plz.

    The sim is back in my SGN and it's all working fine now! So having a backup phone that is 4G just requires a sim card swap, not a complete IMEI update online or through customer service.

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