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The PearlyMon
Like the idea of a gesture to sleep and wake your LTEvo but don't want to hassle a custom kernel?

KOLIO turned me on to this - Check out "Proximity Screen Off Lite"

Works great on our phones, doesn't cause sleep issues.

Some timing combinations seem flaky. I'm on 2 seconds to sleep, 1 second to wake.

I'm digging it. :)


Zercron Encrusted Tweezer
I liked the sweep to wake option ith the kernels we have. Only downfall was obviously battery drain. Going to give this a try, thanks for mentioning this EM. :)


The PearlyMon
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The app warns that it may keep your phone awake, etc etc.

Check out how it doesn't. :)

This is from this morning, note the flat battery line and inactivity when the screen is off.

PS - the active battery drain is higher than graphs I've shown before - this is running a regime where I can drop 15%/hour screen on. Normal for what I was doing.


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Haha...yea, my wife was less impressed.
"Hey baby, check THIS out [waves hand - phone lights up]. Pretty slick, huh? Just let me know when you're ready to get a real phone. [she's a hardcore Apple nut]"

"That's nice. What would you like to do for dinner?"

...I could make my phone levitate and she wouldn't bat an eye.