Root Sweep2wake


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Im not totally sure if this could work, but could it be implemented into our next kernel?


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Its possible. I had it on my evo. I've never seen it on another device besides htc. I'm not saying it hasn't been done. I wanted this for the esteem. It will definitely require some kernel magic.


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Since slide2wake was shown on the HTC EVO3D it was promised that source would be released. We never saw one bit of that.
Now I present to you Sweep2Wake (previously Sweep2Unlock). Same idea, completely written from scratch, and 100% opensource.

says the rewrite called sweep2wake is open source


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I've never heard this term. Explain it.

It's pretty handy. You basically swipe your finger on the capacitive buttons at the bottom, from left to right to wake the phone, and right to left to put the phone to sleep. It's kinda like hitting the power button to wake, or put the phone to sleep. I like it because it gives my power button some rest, and the fact that you have better usability because you can wake the phone up a lot faster. A phone with a bigger screen would make sweep2wake more useful. Just my 2 cents.