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Sweet! AddressBook for Droid 2.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iPhone2Droid, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Folks, I'd been reading about Asurion's AddressBook, and its interplay with Twitter and Facebook, but never found it when I searched in the store. A new version is now in the market, marked as beta, "for Android 2". (free)

    Seems very stable, but there was one snafu. As it brings in contacts from the outside sites, you can see the app rolling thru the numbers in rapid fashion. It choked on number 100 for Twitter. Repeatedly. :rolleyes: But, it never did a force close.

    On the other hand, Facebook worked fine. You're presented with a Match Friends screen. You also get a chance to say yes or no regarding replacing contact pics. Not a hassle either way, as it's dirt easy to play clean up later, if necessary, via the menu.

    Last points... To begin, you need to cough up an email address, and create a password. I did NOT use the gmail addy I have everything running thru on the Droid. Instead, I used a spare I keep only for such sign-ups. No problems whatsoever doing so. Asurion uses it to optionally create an online backup account for you re contacts** ... To get the Twitter/Facebook vibes going, you'll need to also download the associated "mix-in". If you run a search on > Asurion < they'll all appear. ... Editing is a dream!

    Really good for a beta presentation. To think that it can only get better-- we are in for a serious treat! :D

    ** Privacy implications. This is a division of the insurance company handling many (most?) mobile insurance policies. I've dealt with them in the past (Treo), and was quite pleased with all contacts, including the manner in which they handled my claim (no lie: then-new puppy ate my phone!). I also studied their posted privacy policy.
    Asurion | Privacy Policy

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