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SWF file automatically and non-stop downloading?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Aarahl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Aarahl

    Aarahl Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure what actually happened as I don't have any viruses according to multiple antivirus apps, but this one SWF file of 117kb supposedly coming from YouTube won't stop repeatedly downloading multiples of itself, and even when I delete it; it will just automatically download itself again and again. I disabled the YouTube stock app that came on this phone to no avail.
    I've been repeatedly deleting this file for about 2 weeks now.
    I took a screenshot of it in my downloads folder for those curious as it has an odd file name.
    No, I didn't download any APK files or any apps outside of the Play Store and even then I was only downloading well known and commonly used apps, and nothing like random flashlight apps.
    No matter what, I was generally exercising caution.

    Can anyone help me with this problem?
    I'd honestly appreciate it as this is getting very annoying now.

    To be more specific on the build of the phone, it's the Samsung Galaxy A750 2018 version.

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Given that swf is a file type for Adobe's Flash and Youtube moved from relying on Flash to HTML5 years ago, there is a likelihood this file isn't actually tied to the Youtube service at all. Adobe has dropped active development of Flash and supports it only as a legacy matter, but in its day most web site multimedia content were Flash files. It also became a major security problem as it was used to compromise countless computers and mobile devices.
    Instead of assuming the Youtube app itself is the source of the problem, look into some other possibilities. Do you have any kind of video downloading app installed? If so try opening that app up and see if there's something 'stuck' there referring to that swf file. If not, try looking your phone's app menu and open up the Downloads app and see if there's anything suspicious there. If there is and you can't remove it, try going into your Settings >> Apps menu, find and open the Downloads app listing, tap on 'Force stop' and then find 'Clear data'. (it'll probably be buried in submenus as Samsung tends to add various feature and alterations).
    Also, swf just isn't as popular anymore so it's mostly dated web sites that still use it, along with whatever left-over exploits that are still being spread around. Which anti-virus apps did you try using?
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  3. Aarahl

    Aarahl Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I know that SWF files were largely abandoned but I don't actually believe it's YouTube itself sending this file directly to my phone. The real issue is that I can't locate any strange or unknown apps or files on my device. I don't use video or image downloading apps either.
    I've also gone and cleared my downloads through Chrome despite using DuckDuckGo 99% of the time but that didn't work either, so I am just honestly quite lost for what to do really.

    I've tried using AVG, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Avast. None of them came up with anything, just stated my device was clean.

    Do you have any idea in what else I should be checking? My device isn't rooted and it was bought new.
    Do you think it poses any kind of threat at all?
  4. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    You mentioned checking through the Chrome app but did you also look into the Downloads app? That's the default downloading service.
    Also, anti-virus apps are looking for things like malware and detecting services that may have adverse affects to your device. They are not going to find things like corrupted download files or fix glitches in the operating system.
  5. Aarahl

    Aarahl Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes I ran through my Downloads folder, looked through Chrome downloads as well just to make sure and I didn't find a thing strange or unusual. I cleared Chrome downloads to be sure and any Downloads device folder items I deemed unnecessary. Unfortunately, this hasn't resolved the issue so far.

    Maybe I should just back everything up and go full factory reset? I haven't been using this new device for long so I should be able to get everything restored fairly quickly.

  6. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Not sure if we're just referring to the same thing using different terminology or if it's just a matter where you're averse to doing maintenance tasks in you're Settings menu. Deleting unwanted files in folders is not what I suggested previously (that's the result of the problem, not fixing the problem), I still think it's a matter of cleaning up the Downloads app itself, it could also be a matter of looking into the Chrome browser app, or it might indeed be tied to the Youtube app, and then see if that makes any difference. If you can solve things by addressing just the actual source of the problem, it might not require trying something more dramatic as a Factory Reset. There's obviously some kind of glitch that's prompting that file to keep being downloaded. Try going into the Settings >> Apps menu and use 'Clear data' on the Downloads app first. If that file keeps automatically downloading, then do the same on the Chrome app (note that using Clear data will wipe settings and config files for the app, although if you have your Chrome browser app set up to sync with your online Google account it will just get restored once you log in again). If the problem is still occurring, do this on the the Youtube app.

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