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SwiftKey Keyboard Free On Amazon Appstore Today Only. - 3/26/11

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LBPHeretic, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The SwiftKey Keyboard is free on the Amazon Appstore today. I absolutely love this keyboard as its prediction and smoothness are great on my Sprint HTC Hero. It also stores my custom dictionary word on my microSD card so they remain even when I flash a new ROM. I highly recommend that you try this out and free cannot be beat.

    Here is the link: Amazon.com: SwiftKey Keyboard: Appstore for Android . Remember, you will need to sideload the Amazon Appstore and sign into it with your Amazon account: http://amzn.to/getappstore .

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  2. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Android Enthusiast

    I was so glad when the Swiftkey Beta sent me an e-mail with the heads up on this. I've been reluctant to pay for what I already have for free. This Amazon App Store is turning out to be a very good thing. I like free. :D
  3. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I have been wanting to download SwiftKey for some time now. This promotional price gave me the kick in the rear that I needed to finally go ahead and get it.

    I really like the Amazon Appstore so far. I also love being able to buy the app at my convenience, from my laptop, and then later have the Amazon Appstore app prompt me to download and install it now or later.
  4. chanswer

    chanswer Newbie

    idk man. what does swiftkey actually do? i have been checking everyday to see which apps are free (which is wayyy badass, hope yall picked up shazamm encore yesterday), found this one today, downloaded it, and................................i just noticed a different keyboard. I thought it was something similar to swype?
  5. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Android Enthusiast

    +1 for this. It's also nice to know that you can get a refund through Amazon, with a window longer than 15 minutes to do so.
  6. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Android Enthusiast

    The trick to Swiftkey is to let the prediction do it's thing. The more you use it, the better it will get. The prediction is what will speed up your typing. I've typed sentences before where I have only had to use the first letter of the first word and the prediction takes care of the rest. Swiftkey is legit, but it takes a little time and use to get there.
  7. chanswer

    chanswer Newbie

    ill chk it out.

    did you guys get angry birds rio yet? second actual level/setting is so much slllloooooowwwwwwweeeeerrrrrrrr than the first. anyone else having that issue? totally random i know, oh well.
  8. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It seemed fine for me, even when I flashed back to my stock Android 2.1 with Sense UI ROM. It was slightly choppy, but less so than previous entries in the Angry Birds series.

    I attributed that to there being no advertisements in this version of Angry Bird. I tried it on the AOSP Android 2.3 ROM with overclocking enabled and it ran quite smoothly for me.
  9. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Android Enthusiast

    I have no issues with it yet. I'm on Aosp 2.3 GB ROM.
  10. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    I call BS to Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got the free swiftkey .. liked it.

    then they came out with swiftkey X beta (free). I really liked that.
    the beta is over and I want to re-install the original swiftkey.

    the original swiftkey is no longer available on amazon app store. i cant find it.
    i also heard that anyone that owns the original will get an upgrade to the swiftkey X.

    what gives???
  11. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The original was replaced by SwiftKey X because that is the new version of the keyboard. Try to think of it as version 2.0 of the same keyboard rather than a separate keyboard.

    If I may be so bold, what do you not like about SwiftKey X? I still have not updated my SwiftKey keyboard app, so I am curious about it.
  12. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    i liked the swiftkey X beta... i recommend it to all!

    but the BETA is over... now you have to purchase it for $3.99
    but I got the original swiftkey on amazon .. as the free app of the day.

    since I own the original app. i want to load what I do own back.
    searching the amazon app store for "swiftkey" returns nothing.
  13. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Oh, wait. So the upgrade is not free on Amazon? :eek:

    That stinks. I thought it would be because I got the free app on Amazon too. :(
  14. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    you can not find any swiftkey keyboard on amazon!

    i had heard..
    someone said on swiftkey's twitter page...
    said that all owners of swiftkey would be a free upgraded.

    the beta dies on July 20. maybe something will be added in amazon by then
  15. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah. That is what I had originally heard.

    I was worried that decision had been reversed or something. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  16. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    SwiftKey X is free on the Amazon Appstore today. I just bought a copy from the website. The odd thing is that I when I go to the Amazon Appstore app on my handset, I do not see SwiftKey or SwiftKey X in the list of available apps to download and install. If I go into my account on the computer, I see both though. That is sort of troubling. Has anyone else experienced missing apps? I just checked my online account and I have forty-seven apps, but the app is only showing thirty-seven apps. What gives?

    EDIT: Okay, so I did some detective work. I clicked on a few of these apps on Amazon on my computer and now a lot of them do not seem to be compatible with the Sprint HTC Hero anymore, including SwiftKey X. This is a load of garbage because they were compatible when I first bought them months ago. I know these apps work with my handset, but now I cannot install them. This really stinks.
    dan330 likes this.
  17. andygu3

    andygu3 Android Expert

    I was updated to X a couple weeks back but this was with the Evo
  18. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    SwiftKey is a joy to use. I am dismayed that Amazon has forcefully made it impossible for me to update to SwiftKey X on my Sprint HTC Hero.

    I just set up SwiftKey X up on my wife's Sprint HTC EVO 4G and she likes it a lot. Good times.
  19. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    i think it is very wrong if them to... kill the old version completely..
    forcing users to adopt the new version...

    and bad for users that have old devices that cant even use the new!!!!


    i am having trouble... completing step 1. downloading language. can not connect to swiftkey server. their server must be overloaded.
    anyone else???
  20. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The language pack download was extremely slow even over a fast Wi-Fi connection on my wife's handset. I am guessing that their server is getting pounded right now due to the free app deal on Amazon.

    I totally agree with you about keeping the original SwiftKey available on the Amazon Appstore. Especially if they are going to deprecate the Sprint HTC Hero on SwiftKey X. At least give us an option to have something to download. Oh well.

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