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Swipe HD2 16GB microSD to EVO

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bhagiratha, May 22, 2010.

  1. bhagiratha

    bhagiratha Member
    Thread Starter

    Right now I am using an HD2 which has a 16GB microSD card. Now since the EVO only comes with an 8GB card, I was thinking of switching the 16GB from the HD2 over to the EVO and sell the HD2 with an 8GB card.

    Question is, would the HD2 card work fine in the EVO and would it have to be formatted for the android OS?


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  2. jadoe05

    jadoe05 Well-Known Member

    SD cards aren't formated in the way that you are thinking. There is a longer technical explanation, but to save time, if it worked in your HD then the card definitely should work on your EVO with no problem.
  3. bhagiratha

    bhagiratha Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so what about the data I have on the HD2 card which has some of the stock files that came with the phone, like the transformers movie etc. Do I have to transfer what came on the EVO 8GB on to the 16GB and likewise the HD2 data over to the 8GB EVO card?

    or can I just buy a new 16GB card and save myself the headache!

    Transcend 16GB MicroSD Memory Card w/ SD Adapter, TS16GUSDHC2

  4. Fireace22

    Fireace22 Newbie

    You would not need to transfer anything over. There are no 'system' files on the SD card.
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