Switch Between Group MMS and Mass SMS in Handcent


Dec 26, 2013
I recently downloaded the group chat (MMS) plugin for Handcent on my Galaxy S III and now I cannot find a way to send a normal mass SMS anymore. Was wondering if anyone knows a way to do this without uninstalling the Handcent Group Plugin. Any help is appreciated.
I have need of the same thing. There are times I need to send the same text to multiple ppl, but it is not a group text. I don't want other people's replies going to everyone else. Group MMS is like CC'ing people, I need BCC!!!!
Ooh, haven't used handcent in a while since I've since moved to, and decided to pay for, EvolveSMS, so things may have changed.

Anyway, splitting the SMS would work as mass SMS without turning it into MMS, however that would add the message you sent to individual threads for each person, adding to existing threads or creating new ones. If I remember correctly, it's in send settings.