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Switch from galaxy s3 to DI 4G, or revert back to T-bolt?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Apache, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Apache

    Apache Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm on day 11 with my Samsung galaxy s3, overall I'm underwhelmed (if interested in why see my Gripes post). I have three days to return it to vzw, thinking about trying the DI out. Any thoughts on how it compares to the T-bolt?

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  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    From your gripes thread (my comments in red):

    1. When I plug my GS3 into my laptop via USB to charge, the pop-up window asking what I want to do (e.g. play, open, etc) opens up each time. How can I set it to not do anything i.e. charge only, so that that pop-up window doesn't come up each time? (For my old T-bolt, I just had to use the pulldown menu when it was plugged in and select "for charge only") - Charge only is an option on the Inc4G.

    2. Mobile web pages do not autoadjust for the width of the screen, I have to pan around them. This is a real inconvenience. My old T-bolt did this flawlessly. - Stock HTC browser does what you want here.

    3. Extra clicks needed to do simple tasks. E.g. With my T-bolt, I could hit the phone icon, see recently called #'s, click on one and it would call. Now on the GS3 I have to hit phone icon>recent button>click on a recent call>then click on the phone icon when that contact opens up. That is 2 extra clicks for a simple and common task. - Works just as you want it to on the Inc4G.

    4. WiFi -- why am I seeing a Wifi notice? Surely there's gotta be a way to turn this off, keep it off, and not have to see it "Wi-Fi Off, Tap to turn Wi-Fi on" every time I pull down the task bar - ??? - Same on the Inc4G

    5. Taskbar - it does not show all my running programs or recent program. E.g. if I'm reading a kindle book and get a text message, I pull down the taskbar and click on it and check it, then I pull down taskbar again and Kindle is not showing there. So I have to go back Home and open up the Kindle app again. - Same on the Inc4G. This is an ICS change. Use the task switcher button to bring up recent apps.

    6. Power on bottom. Cannot stand device up while charging. - Charge port on the Inc4G is on the side, bottom left. No issue standing it up while connected.
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  3. Foster6565

    Foster6565 Newbie

    I currently have the sgs 3 my wife has the Drinc 4g , obviously you know screen size is a huge difference. And with one of your gs3 gripes when you click on the phone to make a call all you need to do is swipe your finger left to right over the contact and it will call. You do the same thing but swipe to the left and it opens up a text message, seems pretty simple to me.

    Anyways I find the Drinc just slightly less responsive in general movement on the phone, I will say though her phone generally has a stronger 4g signal then my phone it's only a few dBm but still. I can't comment on battery life.
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  4. dcont

    dcont Newbie

    They're two very different phones. GS3 is top of the line and one of the largest screen sizes available today. DI4G is higher end, but one of the smallest form factor Androids out there now. HTC and Samsung have different overlays. Etc. So I'd say you need to prioritize what's important to you in a phone (i.e. for me, having a smaller phone was big, hence why I chose the DI4G). Then you'll be happy for the most part. If you're looking for feedback on the DI4G, I'm happy after a month, except for a couple quirks mainly with the stock mail app not syncing mail. And HTC support is awful.
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  5. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    i'm still running my original inc... but for email i used the stock app up until just recently when i discovered k9 email app. it's free and works great. i've switched my corporate users over to it and have had zero support issues so far with it.
  6. Apache

    Apache Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I've been using the DI 4G for almost two weeks now, and I'm going to take it back too. I definitely prefer the size of this device over the GS3, but it is plagued with problems and quirks that I never saw with my T-bolt. The problem is ICS -- it is a flawed OS. A partial list of issues:

    1. Wifi torture (constitutional, but extremely annoying)
    2. "app unexpectedly stopped" alerts for multiple apps at least a few times each day
    3. device often freezes when multitasking
    4. screen presses with finger often don't register, need to do it multiple times
    5. I select one favorite to open up their contact info, and it opens another favorite's
    6. Multiple links that are supposed to open up in their Android apps when clicked on instead open up on their mobile web pages... e.g. Google maps, Yelp, Zillow.

    The only one of these I ever experienced with my T-bolt was #6, and that too only with Google Maps links over the past couple months. All the others are brand new problems that I have never seen before.

    Am I alone in experiencing these issues?
  7. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    I do not experience any of that. The phone's not perfect, but none of those are my complaints.
  8. kelela92

    kelela92 Member

    1. Isn't that on all VZW phones now? So that won't go away on any phone.
    2-6. Sounds like an individual phone issue. Mine don't have any issues like that.

    however, 4 and 5 I have had issues with two Android phones and the issue was the screen. My old Dinc was missing a strip of touch area. About 1/4 of the phone. I didn't realize it until much later. Just figured it was me. As soon as I got my Razr, when I'd type, I'd touch S and get a P. After doing a test on the screen, yup, jacked up touchscreen. Returned it and it was fine. I did a test on this one immediately and it was fine and has been fine since.

    I really think all the issues are for that phone. Yes, sometimes you get a lemon.
  9. I definetly chose the Droid Incredible over the G3, I'm going to sell it soon. The Galaxy was just too big for me, I love my DI.
  10. mrdrh99

    mrdrh99 Well-Known Member

    Just my 2 cents, when you check out the incredible just take a quick look at the Droid RAZR m....I just picked one up after having the bionic for a year. more powerful than the incredible, bigger screen but it's smaller! I love it!
  11. Apache

    Apache Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just may check that out. Historically I have preferred HTC devices but not any more b/c of this...

  12. mrdrh99

    mrdrh99 Well-Known Member

    unless you guys are just loyal to htc, i very highly recommend checking out the razr m, it smokes the competition in it's range ( I think it's better than the sg3 for the $) I started out looking at the di4 and went into the store thinking i may leave with one, but the razr m hooked me in quickly. It really deserves a look over!
  13. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Android Enthusiast

    range as far as what? battery life? my battery life on my dinc 4glte is amazing, and i doubt it could be beat by the razr m.. on my extended battery i can get 2-3 full days of usage before needing to plug it in
  14. jntdroid

    jntdroid Android Enthusiast

    I currently have both... since I got the Nexus 7 I've been looking for a phone with a smaller profile, so I've been checking them out side by side. Need to sell one of them pretty quick, though.

    Anyway, some thoughts on the differences...

    Build: Razr M wins hands down - it just feels more solid, very tight.
    Downside: no removable battery or option for extended​
    Form Factor: M is thinner, has no plastic (well a little around the camera that you'll never touch), and is more "blocky". The kevlar back feels very nice. It just feels solid all the way around. The Inc 4G has some plastic, a good "matte" feel on the back, and is a little more ergonomic due to its curves, but is a little thicker as well. This one is completely subjective, honestly. Both are great compared to some of the mini-tablets we're seeing nowadays.

    Camera: Not a surprise, but the Inc 4G wins this one. Moto has taken strides in the right direction with the camera on the M. It's faster, focuses better, and handles low-light better than previous Moto cameras, but it still falls short compared to the speed / clarity / "low-light-ability" of the Inc 4G. I have, however, noticed the Inc 4G is extremely sensitive in well lit / no flash scenarios, occasionally causing it to not focus as clearly as previous HTC devices. Don't get me wrong, that's not the norm, but snapping a quick pic isn't always as thoughtless as I'd like. But regardless, it beats the M. But don't think the M is a bad camera - it's "solid" by today's standards, and a lot better than previous phones.

    Screen: I know this is subjective, but I'm finding the Inc 4G's screen much easier on the eyes. Because it's not pentile, and not SAMOLED (which can look awesome with higher resolutions), text looks more crisp, whites are much whiter, and color is more accurate. I remember with the Rezound, the phone seemed preset too dim. HTC didn't let that happen this time around as this phone gets super bright - it's easier to see in sunlight than the M. When I go back to the M, it just feels too dark to my eyes. And yes, this is dealing with numerous brightness settings, as well as automatic.
    Because the M is SAMOLED, colors and images tend to look warmer and "pop out" more. Some think it looks over-saturated at times, some think it looks great. Blacks are truly black, very deep and rich. It can truly look beautiful at times. But the fact of the matter is certain items (especially smaller text) look more pixelated due to the M being pentile. Moto tweaked the settings to make it a little brighter / warmer than the Maxx and Razr, but otherwise it's the same screen. It's also slightly larger than the Inc 4G's screen (edit: see next paragraph), which is nice on such a small form factor. I like the M's screen a lot. I like the Inc 4G's screen a lot as well. The Inc 4G's literally just feels easier on my eyes.

    Edit / Additional Note About Screensize: Because of the M's on-screen soft keys, the actual screen real estate available for most activities is the same, or slightly longer for the Inc 4G. I'm sure if you play a movie or game or something that hides those on-screen soft keys, then it would take advantage of the full 4.3". But for day to day usage, it's a non-factor thanks to the on-screen keys.​

    Battery Life: Honestly, both have been great. The M has a 2000mah battery while the Inc 4G is 1700mah. But I haven't been able to tell a noticeable difference. For me and my usage, I have no problem getting a full day out of both - they're both very efficiently tweaked.

    • Voice - It's hard to comment on this as I'm in a strong Verizon area. Voice reception on both devices has been excellent. The Inc 4G's earpiece is louder, almost too loud at times, but the M is plenty loud as well. The M's external speaker has a little deeper sound to it, but it's plenty loud, as is the Inc 4G's.
    • 3G data - Again, both are excellent. If you're in an area where Verizon's 3G is even remotely solid, you won't notice a difference between the two. However...
    • 4G / LTE - If you live in a fringe 4G area, or somewhere that has spotty 4G coverage, you'll likely notice a difference between the two phones. My hunch is a software tweak will fix it, but the M seems to "give up" on 4G too quickly, switching back to 3G when other phones (Inc 4G included) hold onto a usable 4G connection. I live in an extremely strong 4G area, and my house is literally 100 yards (give or take) from a tower. At home, the Inc averages in the upper -60s to mid -70s on dbm's (or would that be "lower" since it should be negative? ;)). The M averages upper 70s to low 80s. I've never dropped down to 3G at my house, but if I'm out and about, there are times where it'll drop to 3G for no apparent reason when all other phones I've owned will hold onto 4G. If you look around there are other users experiencing similar "issues". This could be intentional on Moto's part, to help save battery life in areas where 4G is weak, but who knows. There is also some pretty solid attenuation on the M. If I pick it up in my left hand like I normally hold a phone (without a case), it bumps to around -100dbms, sometimes more. Makes sense... packed so tight with aluminum all around it. I can recreate similar attenuation on the Inc 4G, but it takes a lot of effort and holding it in unnatural ways. This could also be due to antenna positioning in each phone.

      Regardless, the M is very good, but appears to have some very minor reception issues on LTE, which could simply be software related. The Inc 4G is solid as a rock - like the Rezound was before it.

    Other odds and ends...
    • Haptic feedback - the Inc 4G vibrates extremely hard. I don't use haptic feedback on the soft buttons, and I'm glad I don't on this phone. But when it rings / notifies / etc, it shakes whatever it's on pretty good
    • Software - Sense is nice, smooth, fast, but much more intrusive than Moto's software - which is borderline stock. If you like Sense, you'll probably like it on this phone. If you like AOSP, download Nova or Apex and they run just fine. Same thing on the M
    • Support / updates - Words are empty, but Google/Moto sure made it sound like the new Razr lineup would be getting updates in a much more prompt fashion than before. They said the M/RMHD/RHD would all get Jelly Bean before the end of the year. Jelly Bean is pure awesomeness, and should make them even better devices. On the Inc 4G, I would like to think it would get the Jelly Bean update. HTC's bringing it to the One Series, and the Inc 4G is basically a slightly dumbed down One phone. But they technically haven't announced it. Google / Moto seem to be pushing back on Verizon's ridiculous update schedules; HTC - who knows? If it was a scenario where I could say with 100% certainty the M would get JB by December, and Verizon would stall on the Inc 4G for another 6 months, that alone would push me to the M. Jelly Bean is simply that nice. But who the heck knows on the updates. It just feels like Verizon / HTC don't care as much about the Inc 4G as Moto/Goo/VZW do about the Razr lineup. Take that with a huge grain of salt, though.
    • I'll add any more if I can think of them...

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