Help switch on/ boot-up i5700 silently ?


Hi guys

Is it possible to disable/delete the annoying and loud melody/ tune that plays when you switch on/boot up the i5700 ? :thinking:

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Thanks for the replies.

I don't actually own this phone but am I'm seriously thinking of getting one in the next few weeks and this is a serious issue for me.

I'm in the UK, so it's the Galaxy Portal that the i5700 is sold as.

The methods described by

Andronix: "only if it was set to silent prior rebooting" and
DaSchmarotzer : "Mine is always set on vibrate, so that's what it does when it boots".

did NOT work on the model on that I tested in the T-Mobile shop (who supply it with Android 1.5).

BUT, they did work on the model in the 3 Mobile shop, which was running Android 2.1.


Any comment on this? - I assume your i5700s are running v2.1...




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this is an i7500 area so i think most people were working on assumption.
spica/portal got an update to 2.1 last month but not on all networks although the portal is supposed to be sold with 2.1 so thats a bit odd.

either way i noticed madaco and cyanogen were dropping hints on twitter that they are interested in the portal for modding so thats a good thing


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I was talking about the I7500, I have no idea about the Galaxy Portal.

Maybe you should ask in the right subforum. (Galaxy Lite/Spica)

Anyway, I doubt that you will be powering your phone up a lot. It's long to boot, and during the night you can put it on silent mode when it's charging.