Help Switch to verizon... ZTE Warp memory card

I am switching to the DROID bionic on. Verizon because. Boost mobiles service stinks... Anyway... Can I just take the sd card in my warp, has my apps music and all that stuff, and put it. Right into the bionic? Or will hAve to just reinstall everything?


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If you have an SDcard reader use your computer to copy and paste all the folders from the bionic card to yours. Delete any files on your card that at not on the stock bionic card. I have done it many times with great success. Good luck.


when u log into google play on your new phone, it'll add the new phone to your account and allow you to redownload them to your new phone.


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For the apps, you can't just store them on the sd card to use them on another phone. You have to back them up on the card. Use something like Astro file manager to do that. Then use Astro on the new phone to reinstall them.