Switching from iOS to Android? Here's some quick tips to get you Started


Jumping from an iPhone to lets say an HTC One (like me) or Galaxy s4 or any other Android phone and want/miss features from iOS? Well I got some Quick Tips for you guys and hopefully you guys can leave some tips to add to this list as well! (Disclaimer: I was on a Jailbroken iPhone 4s... these are things that I did, obviously you might not agree with me and we might have different apps altogether. if you have any alternative or want to add to the list please leave a reply)


I personally haven't done this only having around 16 contacts in my phone I just added them to my new phone, I didn't need to transfer but if you have Allot of contacts and want to transfer them then you can go ahead and take a look at this

iPhone to Android Contacts

Game Data---------------

Have Real Racing 3 finished about halfway thru? played candy crush and are at level 30 and want to continue? Believe it or not... theres a way! the Game itself just needs to have FaceBook saving enabled and your good to go!

So before you sell or get rid of your iPhone, connect a facebook account (I didn't have a facebook, I only made one for this purpose trust me it's worth it) and go on any/every important game that you have and look for a facebook option. Most FaceBook enabled games will save your data to your account and will allow you to connect from any platform not just android!


was you Jailbroken and had BiteSMS? hate the stock Messaging app for android? then go download ChompSMS it is basically the Android version of the App


Notification Center in Fullscreen Apps--------------

One thing I HATED when I switched to android is that you cannot get to the NC/Drawer from fullscreen apps, and this is a HUGE problem for me because unlike iOS, you cannot grab music controls by double tapping Home, instead you control music from the Notification Drawer so I gladly found Smart Status Bar. It allows you to bring up the Status bar from any app that is fullscreen! it works exactly like iOS and it's worked flawlessly on my HTC One


I loved theming my iPhone, it's something that just makes your device... yours.

Theming is much more simple on Android, just go and download a launcher (I use Nova Launcher) and you can search the play store for a icon set, mostly every icon set I used on my iPhone is on the play store!!!

(if you don't know what a launcher is please read this)

So far so good, I will update this thread as much as I can, please if you have any tips leave a reply and I will update this thread accordingly


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I'd also add that there are two ways I'd recommend dealing with iTunes on Android:

1. Install Google Play Music on your computer and have that upload your entire iTunes library and then use Google Play Music on your Android phone.

2. Use iSyncr to sync your Android phone's music folder and playlists directly with iTunes. Then use whatever Android music player you like.


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For those missing badge counts on individual apps, like myself, if using gingerbread you can remove the notification bar and use widgetlocker and Missed it! To get badges. Go Launcher with the notification plugin also works, or if using Android 4.x you can disable notifications in the settings and use Missed It! With Nova Launcher Prime as well, the latter is more functional