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Support Switching from iphone to galaxy s. Advice please?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by st3v3y, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. st3v3y

    st3v3y New Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 31, 2010
    Hi guys

    I have been an iphone user since pretty much day one and have always done the necessary jailbreaking and unlocking to get my device to work how I wanted it too and not how apple see fit.

    So I am now running 3GS on the dreadful ios4 and this alone has stopped me going for a new iphone4. Plus my current 3G coverage with vodafone in the uk is shite. So I'm now looking towards android and in particular the Samsung Galaxy S and probably O2 as the carrier but I have just a few simple questions.

    1. Is this phone 'closed off' like the iphone is and do I need to do the android equivalent of a jailbreak?
    2. I keep seeing 'rooting' on here. Is that what jailbreaking is called for android and are there any risks involved with regards to bricking the phone or invalidating warranties?
    3. I have a great pushmail app for my 3GS which allows multiple gmail accounts, all with push notifications. Surely this works on Android right?
    4. Does it have built in navigation or do I need to get a 'tomtom' type app for it.
    5. Any tips/problems you think may be useful before I choose this device or is there a better Android device here or on the way.

    Many thanks in advance for your replies and I look forward to getting to know you all. :)


  2. bignose

    bignose Member

    Jul 21, 2010
    I did a similar switch from iPhone 3GS to Galaxy S last month. Only mine's via Globe here in the Philippines and I'm not in need of a carrier unlock (haven't bothered to find out if my Galaxy S was shipped locked).
    Anyway the hardest things I found during the switch were.
    1) The Galaxy is much faster than the iPhone and the screen is more sensitive so I found myself navigating too quickly through the phone at first.
    2) My calendar & contact data is in corporate outlook so switching that to google & keeping it in sync is a little tricky at least with the 3rd party tool I chose.
    To answer some of your specific questions
    1) Yes you can install apps that are not in the android market place (equivalent of app store). The scuba diving s/w I use is ditributed via the authors website and I uploaded via PC
    3) Yes. It works better with the pre-installed gmail app that comes with the Galaxy S than the iPhone mail app
    I'm sure someone far more qualified than I will chip on on your other queries
  3. Darkplek

    Darkplek Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2010
    Welcome back from the dark side.. lol.

    1) No, it's not closed off :p Not by comparison. The app store doesn't have steve jobs and his nazi app police all over it, so there are many apps on there you wont get with apple (for good and bad). Also, you can install any app you like without going through the app store just by transferring it to your phone (and ticking a box in the settings to allow unverified apps). You can do what you like in terms of widgets, apps, customisations... etc. Plus, even though the PC software kies has its issues, you don't HAVE to use it for very much (minus maybe firmware upgrades). So, unlike iphone + itunes you are free to use it as you see fit. I.e. you aren't tied to it for everything, can mount the card on the pc directly and just copy paste files, etc.

    2) Yeah, rooting is pretty much jailbreaking, except android is already more open by default. It just means it gives you root access (admin rights) to the operating system folders. I've not needed it yet... but if you want to do MAJOR modifications, or more low level tweaking, then you might need to root the phone. It's reversible and pretty safe, I think. But it probably does void the warranty whilst rooted. Best to do some decent research and read all the warnings before you consider it (if you find that you need to), I'm not an expert there.

    3) I'm gonna go out on a limb and say yes :p

    4) It has built in google navigation... but that will require/use your data allowance. So without mobile internet it won't be of any use. There are, like you alluded to, plenty very decent (probably not free) apps though. (I tried copilot.. it worked well)

    5) There have been some lag issues, but that's already being/been fixed by the newly released firmware.. and there have been some reports of poor GPS performance, mostly also attributed to firmware issues, and also being improved upon. The phone should be getting a nice froyo (android 2.2) upgrade at the end of september (a beta version was leaked recently), so the phone is only going to get faster with that :). I personally don't think there is any better android device out at the moment. Certainly not in the UK. America have the 4G version of this phone with a physical keyboard... but again that's still a Galaxy :p

    Hope that helps :)


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