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switching from motorola triumph to photon4g

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gueydejalisco, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. gueydejalisco

    gueydejalisco Member
    Thread Starter

    ok so as the title says im thinking about switching from the moto triumph to the moto photon 4g i know this is proably a veeery nube post but hey:p anywho could someone tell the the pros and cons of both sprints service as opposed to virgin mobiles ( im aware VM uses sprints towers) and the photon its self thank you:D

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  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest


    I've been w/SPRINT for 6 months,coming from prepaid w/CRICKET,& wish I had made the switch long ago.

    Lots of upside to SPRINT vs. VIRGIN MOBILE.

    1) Better selection of phones,namely the PHOTON.:D

    2) Unlimited 3G/4G data without throttling.

    I used to be strongly opposed to obligating to a contract service,but,you're paying a monthly phone bill w/or w/o a contract,so,what's the difference,right?

    To sum things up,if you're in a 4G WIMAX coverage area,I strongly recommend getting the PHOTON.Look at the coverage map very carefully where you'll be using 4G WIMAX beforehand.If 4G WIMAX doesn't extend greatly to your area,or,if you don't have 4G WIMAX coverage at all,you may be better advised to get one of the upcoming 4G LTE phones.(GALAXY NEXUS LTE,EVO 4G LTE).
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  3. gueydejalisco

    gueydejalisco Member
    Thread Starter

    ok in my area i only get "4g" speed (3g but of course the company will call it 4g) and yes i agree with the fact that im paying a bill every month regardless:p and if i did go to sprint i will proably do the 99.99 unlimeted plan and thank you for the welcom:D
  4. gueydejalisco

    gueydejalisco Member
    Thread Starter

    also ive heard the evo 3d may be coming to VM soon if so (knock on wood they dont water down the specs) i may wait to see how that gos...but as of now its either stay with VM or go to sprint or verizon

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