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Switching Phone and Sim Invalid MMI Code

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Michael Spector, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Michael Spector

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy 8+. I have a home in a rural area with no ATT service. I did not buy the Samsung from ATT so I do not have wi-fi calling. ATT gave me an Iphone 7 to retain me as a customer (for an additional 2 year commitment). My thought being that I would switch the sim card to the Iphone and use wi-fi calling, and switch back to my Samsung when I am not at the vacation home. These plan nearly worked except I have an issue with ATT visual voicemail and other visual voicemail apps because it is reading an invalid MMI code. I prefer visual voicemail to calling because I get a ton of voicemails and I like to see who they are from rather than listening to each one

    I am sure the issue is that the IMEI is not registered with ATT for Visual Voicemail. Is there a potential workaround to solve this so I can get my visual voicemail on my Galaxy?

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