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Sep 4, 2010
Bloomington, IN
I made a nandroid back up right after I rooted my phone. Also made one of my current set up. I want to try out either apeX or rubiX 1.0 so can I just flash my "root only " backup and if I don't like it just flash back to my current set ups back up?
How it SHOULD work:

Go into Clockwork, backup and restore, back up, let it go.


Put ApeX/rubiX on your SD card
Go into Clockwork
mounts and storage
format data
format cache
up on menu
install zip from sd
select zip from sd
navigate to apex/rubix

Then if you decide you dislike it:

go into Clockwork
backup and restore
select backup

In theory it should work perfectly like that. I had that work for me before I started getting md5 mismatch errors.
Nandroid backs up three separate things: system, which is settings and pre-installed apps, data, which is downloaded apps and info, and cache.

You can restore them separately or as a whole thing and get back EXACTLY how you were.