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Switching to ATT from Verizon for Samsung S3

Discussion in 'What Device Should I Buy?' started by salilsurendran, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. salilsurendran

    salilsurendran Well-Known Member
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    Aug 18, 2011
    Hello Friends,
    I have been struggling with the poor performance of my Droid Charge. I like the Android operating system as a whole but as you will see from my previous posts on this forum I have been pulling out my hair trying to figure out why the Charge is performing so poorly. Anyway I am thinking of discontinuing my contract with Verizon and going to a new Samsung S3 from ATT which I will get from Amazon Wireless for $79. I do want decent network speed of around 5 mbps and I live in San Jose, CA. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of how the ATT network performed in the bay area. I understand it is still slower than Verizon but how much slower? Are there any other phones other than the S3 that I should consider. The main uses for my phone is texting, facebook, GPS(very important) and as a music player.


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