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Switching to METRO from Sprint

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by unofornaio, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. unofornaio

    unofornaio Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I currently have Sprint and have a Sprint Hero 200 phone (US).

    I want to switch to Metro Service but use my Hero. I know it can be done but. NONE of the local stores although listed as Flash stores on Metros site will flash the phone. Citing "metro removed our flashing software"

    So I know its been done. It CAN be done but I just dont know HOW to get it done.

    Can anyone offer any advice. I seem to meet all the criteria for flashing the phone based on The Metro site. The model is listed the zip code is ok so what am I missing here?

    One more question please. If I can get this phone flashed for Metro can I still use the 40.00 plan even though its a smart phone?
    I wish I could call metro and ask these questions but NOBODY answers the phone. Just this morning I called 4 local Metro Stores AGAIN..and NOT 1 answered.

    Thanks for any help

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  2. AwesomePie85

    AwesomePie85 Well-Known Member

    I believe they will push you to get the $50 (smart phone) plan. Maybe some other people or stores can do it for you. But I would recommend maybe travealing a bit and finding a(n) metro store.
  3. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    I am probably going to switch to Metro from Sprint too. In fact I'm testing a phone right now, and whereas I can't get a usable signal with Sprint's network in my house, I can with Metro.

    It's $60/month for the LTE plan correct? Are there any discounts you can get for Metro? And also what's the best phone to get including the ones that are coming out in the near future?

  4. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

    There's a 50 and 60 dollar lte plan. And you can get a discount of 5 dollars a month for each line if you add a line to the account. Future can't really tell ya...the Dual core LG Connect is coming out soon but besides the processor and the display everything else sucks spec wise.
  5. mteezey

    mteezey Android Enthusiast

    All you need to do is find someone to add your heroes esn to metros database. A lot of corp stores will say they won't do smartphones even if they are on the houdini list. You should be able to find a local store to flash with talk and text. Then you can follow the guides on here for say the EVO to program data and mms. As for the fourty dollar plan. That is all metro will allow because they don't support the full flash(they want you to buy thier phones).
    However depending on what market your in a sprint phone may or may not work. Some markets are aws and some are non aws. If your in a aws market your phone will not pick up a signal due to it being a different band/frequency. Once u find a store they will know if will work in your market. You can also fijnd people on Craigslist that add esns for next to nothing and you can flash yourself.
  6. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks for the reply and I just noticed I messed up. I'm planning to switch TO Metro FROM Sprint.

    What sucks about the Connect's specs? I know I want an HDMI port since I may use video glasses with the phone, and I haven't seen anything about if that's a feature yet.

    The only other phone that's coming out in the near term looks like the Attain, and the specs wouldn't be interesting to me.

    So that means if I'm going to go with Metro it's looking like either the Esteem or the Connect.
  7. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

    The Connect is basically a stripped smaller Esteem with a dual core and half a gig more of ram. The front facing camera was downgraded to a 0.3........yes 0.3mp VGA camera (Esteem- 1.3mp), it only has 4gb total internal (Esteem- 8gb) No HDMI output (well not listed), and a 4 inch screen (Esteem-4.3"). The dual core 1.2ghz processor and the gig of ram are the only thing nice about it. And from the pics Ive seen...It looks "cheap"

    The Galaxy Attain? Pathetic to say the least. Single core 1ghz processor, 3.5-inch screen (The ASCEND was 3.5!), 3mp camera (The ASCEND had a 3.5mp!) and 512 ram.
  8. polywood223

    polywood223 Well-Known Member

    Getting the esteem
  9. ImaTrouper

    ImaTrouper Newbie

    You can have the phone flashed to metro from sprint. I have the EVO SHift that I used on SPrint for some time. I recently signed up with Metro and had the EVO flashed. I did it through a company called Flash King out of Tampa, FL, as I am here on vacation. When I signed up at metro, I got a cheap android phone and quickly realized that I hated it. Flash King flashed the EVO and calle dtheir rep at Metro corporate to let them know I switched my phone. It downgraded me to the $40 plan, and as far as Metro knows, I am using a non-smart phone with web capabilities. Saved me the $10 a month and I can still use all of the features I used on sprint. They dont have a website, but their facebook page is Flash King - Professional Services - Tampa, FL | Facebook Give them a call, ask for Tony, he is very helpful.

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