Swype for Iconia?


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Is sywpe available for the Iconia? I just gave my daughter a Toshiba Thrive for Christmas and it has the Swype keyboard as the "default" keyboard. I would love to have Swype for my Iconia.



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Yes Swype keyboard (Beta) is available for Acer Iconia A500, but getting it is a little tricky.

First go to Swype | Get Swype and click on Download Swype beta.
You need to register and they will send you an email which you will need to complete the registration.

If, when you click the link in the email they send, it tells you that your tablet is not a phone, check in your browser settings are set as mobile instead of desktop in advanced settings/ viewing mode.

the installer Swype-Installer.apk will download. If you lose track of it, it is in your download folder. You will need a file manager app to locate it (I use File Manager HD).

You also need to allow install from unknown sources in settings/ applications.

The installer should then download the actual program from swype, you need to log on with the ID number in the email they sent you at some stage in the process.


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I had Swype on my Iconia for a while, and decided I didn't like it on the large format keyboard (on phone's ... it's great). Just too far to travel from one letter to the other. I prefer Swiftkey X ... and use it both on my Iconia and on my HTC Rezound phone.