May 17, 2011
Islamabad, Pakistan
I just got the gingerbread update and installed it on my desire hd..
I have to use a password because i use my exchange mail on the phone.

But the problem is now after installation when I want to enter the password the keyboard doesn't appear.

What to do??

Urgent help required...
Hi had this yesterday :(

if you installed swype installer (in your apps) then all you can do is uninstall swype and then reinstall via the installer

worked for me
Factory Reset.

Hold Up (or down, I can never remember) when the phone is booting and select factory reset.

I've never done it this way so to be safe, take out your SD Card when you do it. You will lose all the data on your phone but it should allow you to log in again as it will have no 3rd Party apps installed and be as it was when you first bought it. Once synced with your gmail account, it will automatically redownload all the apps you had installed before. Once completed, I'd recommend uninstalling Swype so you don't get stuck in the same position again.

Alternatively, log into your market account here and un install Swype before hit has the chance to install itself again (Hit "My Account" to see all the apps you have installed on your handset).
Before doing the factory reset try long press on the text box. You should then see a box showing Input Method. Press this and change input type to Touch Input and that should put you back to the Sense keyboard.

Worth a try before going through the pain of factory reset. :thinking:
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Factory reset was the last option I had in mind.
But before that someone mentioned a way to start the phone in safe mode. And it worked. the default keyboard was appearing and I was able to login and delete swype :D