swype voice to text not working


Since I got the ICS upgrade, I noticed that the voice to text doesn't work. I use swype, and when I press the voice to text button, I speak but it won't do anything. A "continue" button shows up but it seems to freeze when I try to talk and press continue. It doesn't seem to be recording or anything. I did a factory reset after the update, so I re-installed swype, but that didn't seem to fix anything.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?


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Which version of Swype are you using? I have the latest beta version on my phone & the Dragon Dictation (voice input) does the same thing. There are posts on the Swype forums about this issue.


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I didn't know to look for information in the Swype forums -- thanks!
For anyone else with this issue who doesn't care to go through the Swype forums, this is a known issue with HTC phones in particular. Swype puts out updates once a quarter, and this should be fixed in the next update. According to an admin, look for an update in "late summer, early fall."