I thought 2.2 came with Swype but it doesn't have it and I can't find it in the market place.

I downloaded a .apk file but I kept getting a message saying my trial period expired.

Any ideas on what to do?


2.2 does nto come with Swype - first of all, it is still in Beta for the DROID. Second, you cannot (yet) download it from the market.

Those of us that have it have it because we are registered beta testers, or ahve obtained the file 'illegally'.

I myself am a beta tester, have been since they first opened it up.

Only thing you can do right now i go to their site and sign up to be a beta tester when it opens back up.


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I noticed that it was super hard to find a apk for swype, so i signed up for their beta and got approved. They actually sent me an email a few weeks back with an update of some sort and download link. I just saved the email and revert back to it to install it after flashing roms. I would suggest signing up for their beta if it's still open.