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symink apk from preload to system/app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kshow215, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. kshow215

    kshow215 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have a boost GSII running touched by S4, I was trying to symlink an app from preload/symlink/system/app, to system/app, I had found a couple articles on XDA, but I'm having some issues getting the app to show up. The article I found mentioned to create a file in notepad++ with the following

    Link: /preload/symlink/system/app/nameofapp.apk

    then name the file the nameofapp.apk and place it in system/app

    I'm trying to symlink PolarisOffice.apk so I used the following in notepad++

    Link: /preload/symlink/system/app/PolarisOffice.apk

    I named the file PolarisOffice.apk and placed it in system/app and rebooted, but it's not showing up

    I placed a working copy of polarisoffice in preload/system/symlink/app

    any pointers here would be appreciated,,

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  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    I slid this into the All Things Root subforum where I think you'll get better answers.:)
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  3. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Thank you sir......;)
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  4. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    The first question i would have are you rooted........:)
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  5. oamilcar

    oamilcar Android Enthusiast

    If you are rooted w/custom recovery than here is a template I create for you . Open it w/ 7zip and place your .apk in /preload/symlink/system/app folder inside the .zip (I already set permission s for your .apk ) then flash via recovery.

  6. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    You be the man sir;)...... kudos dude...........:thumb:
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  7. kshow215

    kshow215 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yes I'm rooted, running the touched by s4 rom, I used ES file explorer, copied a working copy of polaris office which i tested by just installing it normally, then I uninstalled, copied the apk into preload/symlink/system/app,, then created the file in notepad++ containing

    link: /preload/symlink/system/app/PolarisOffice.apk

    then saved the file as PolarisOffice.apk and placed it in system/app

    and I changed the permissions to match the other files


    rebooted, and it's not showing up,, I didn't know if there is anything else I should have done,, Thanks for the help
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  8. kshow215

    kshow215 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'll try flashing the zip with my apk in it. Thanks!
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  9. oamilcar

    oamilcar Android Enthusiast

    if the template causes an installation aborted while trying to flash it (most likely it will) , redownload the .zip again i forgot a ( ; ) on the script and is now fixed


    by the way sometimes when i move .apk's manually and set permissions using a file explorer they either don't show up or causes bootloops on my device and after flashing it via recovery everything works fine.
  10. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Yep exactly one of the reasons I don't use file explorer and use root browser instead.....;)
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  11. kshow215

    kshow215 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ya I tried the flash and it failed,, I'll try the new link, I should be able to change the name of the apk in the script,, and flash what ever app I want to be loaded on preload is that correct,, also this is a GB27 ROM that shouldn't make a difference right,,

    Also I was using ES file explorer,, it is a root explorer,, but i might try a different one, when I copy the .apk directly to system/app it does show up, but I was wanting to place it on the preload partition,,

    Thanks again,
  12. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    I moved away from ES for the same reason, it works but can be kinda strange sometimes lol good luck man, let us know...........:)
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  13. oamilcar

    oamilcar Android Enthusiast

    Yes just change the name of .apk on the script just make sure is the exact(same) name of the .apk.

    And no that shouldn't make a difference.
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