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Sync Blackberry to Google Contact w/o Outlook

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by crashmonk, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. crashmonk

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    Aug 26, 2010

    Aug 26, 2010
    This post is not mine. I am just putting it out there because I have never used any type of sync to get contacts from one phone to another. I simply let my my providers use their CellBrite machine to move from my old device to the new one. I don't use outlook although I might start. Point is I was truly starting at ground zero and the following post was to the point and detailed enough not to assume you had done this. It will be common knowledge for a lot, but for the rest of us very helpful. Have a great day fellow Droidians.

    [​IMG] Sync from Blackberry to CSV to GMail / G1 without Outlook
    Here's a procedure to export contacts from a Blackberry and import into the G1 / Android using a CSV file and GMail Import, without using Outlook or Google Sync (I don't use Outlook, and had read about limitations/problems with Google Sync for Blackberry). This initially works best when you have a GMail account with maybe some but not all of the same contacts as are in your Blackberry, and with your G1 phone contacts relatively empty (or cleared) to avoid duplicating contacts.

    Basically, you create a CSV file using Blackberry Manager (free download from T-mobile, etc.,), edit it using Excel or other spreadsheet program to change the heading names, import the resulting CSV file into the Gmail, then sync it directly into the G1. There are a few tricks, but the result is your contacts will be displayed exactly as you want them.

    The Export to CSV from Blackberry Manager (BBM) and the import of CSVs into GMail were not intuitive (at least not to me ;-), nor well documented anywhere I found. Here is how I did it using a T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl 8120, BBM vers 4.6 for Win XP, GMail as of 17-Nov-09, and T-Mobile G1 (Android 1.6):

    1. Connect the Blackberry to PC and bring up the Blackberry Manager program. "Backup" all of your existing Blackberry data onto a file on the PC just in case.

    2. To export your Blackberry contacts to a CSV file, click on "Synchronize", then on the next menu, left side, just under the word "Configuration", click "Synchronization". A configuration menu will appear. Click the "Synchronize" button next to "Set synchronization options for my desktop program". In a few seconds, a "Setup" menu will appear.

    3. Select "Address Book" (only). An "Address Book Setup" menu/wizard appears, starting with "Select Desktop Application". Click on "ASCII Importer/Exporter". (Hint: If you don't see "ASCII Importer/Exporter", (for example, if you see "Outlook"), click on the words "Address Book", and a "Setup" button will then appear. You can then get to the "Address Book Setup" menu. This took awhile to figure out!).

    4. Next, select the direction(s) you would like the sync to occur. I used "Device --> ASCII Importer Exporter" to create a CSV file without affecting the contacts in my Blackberry.

    5. Next, enter the filename. The name should be something like "blackberry-2009-11.csv" (unless you already have a file you want to add to.) If it's a new file, the screen will ask if you want to create the file; click "OK". Use the default "Options". Click "Next", then "Finish".

    6. From "Setup", click on "Advanced". You can then use "Map Fields" to select which Blackberry fields you want to export. Just select the Blackberry fields you normally use to make the CSV file easier to edit. You can also select other Setup options, like how to deal with conflicts when synch'ing. (I used the defaults).

    7. After Setup, go back to Main Menu then click on Synchronize. Select "Synchronize Organizer Data" (only) to export address book contacts. Click "Synchronize". This operation will take up to a few minutes depending on the number of contacts and your PC.

    8. If an existing CSV file is present, any conflicts will generate warnings. Afterwards, a "Confirm" menu will appear. You can preview the exported info using "Details", and then "Accept" them.

    9. With Excel (or OO Calc), open the CSV file you've created. Notice the headings on the top row that define the type of field data in each column. Delete any columns that you do not plan to use (i.e., any that don't have any data under them).

    10. Some of the phone numbers, esp. international numbers, may not be formatted properly, or appear in scientific notation (e.g. 1.20E+10). To fix, highlight all the phone number data fields in the spreadsheet (but not the headers), and change their format first to Number (Format/Cells/Number, with no decimal places), then to format Text. You may lose any leading zeros on phone numbers, but once they are formatted as Text, you can add them back.

    11. To import the contact address CSV file into GMail, you must replace the Blackberry heading names (on Row 1 in each column) with heading names that GMail recognizes. Here are the heading names that you may have to change (if they are not the "same"):




    Title --> (same)
    First Name --> (same)
    Middle Name --> (same)
    Last Name --> (same)
    Job Title --> (same)
    Company Name --> Company
    Work Phone --> Business Phone
    Work Phone2 --> Business Phone 2
    Home Phone --> (same)
    Mobile Phone --> (same)
    Home Phone2 --> Home Phone 2
    Other Phone --> (same)
    Fax --> Business Fax (or "Home Fax")
    Pager --> (same)
    PIN --> (not supported?)
    Email Address1 --> E-mail Address
    Email Address2 --> E-mail 2 Address
    Email Address3 --> E-mail 3 Address

    [For Work Address in Blackberry:]
    Address1 --> Business Street
    Address2 --> Business Street 2
    Address3 --> Business Street 3
    City --> Business City
    State/Province --> Business State
    Zip/Postal --> Business Postal Code
    Country --> Business Country

    [For Home Address in Blackberry:]
    Home Address1 --> Home Street 1
    Home Address2 --> Home Street 2
    Home Address3 --> Home Street 3
    Home City --> Home City
    Home State/Province --> Home State
    Home Zip/Postal --> Home Postal Code
    Home Country --> (same)

    Birthday --> (same)
    Anniversary --> (same)
    Web Address --> Web Page
    Notes --> (same)
    User1 --> User 1
    User2 --> User 2
    User3 --> User 3


    12. Be SURE that ALL headings that are in Row 1 of your CSV file have a valid GMail heading name (i.e. change all Blackberry Names --> GMail Names for each of the fields listed above, replacing all heading names that are different from the GMail names.) Be sure that you type in the GMail heading name exactly as listed above. Delete any columns for Blackberry fields that GMail doesn't support. If the file you are creating has heading/field names that GMail doesn't understand or recognize, it may arbitrarily skip over some of your data. You don't have to use all of the above heading fields, but the ones you do you use must have a valid GMail heading name. Finally, be sure that your data fields (cells) in Excel don't have commas within them, or scientific notation in any fields, as this could cause problems importing your CSV file.

    13. When done editing, save your file (use "Save As" to keep both your original CSV and your modified version).

    14. Open your GMail account, click on "Contacts", then "Import" from the CSV file you created and modified above. Check your contacts to be sure they're as you expected. NB: First, I suggest trying out the CSV Import into a GMail account that only has a few contacts, in case this doesn't work well the first time -- then you can always Select All contacts, delete them, and try again if needed. Second, you may want to be sure that Auto-Sync is disabled on your G1 phone (Menu / Settings / Data Synchronization).

    15. If you have contacts with the same First and Last name in both your CSV file and GMail, but different contact info, they will likely be duplicated in GMail. If you have duplicate contacts with different info, go to Contacts in Gmail and select each of the duplicates, then use GMail's "Merge Contacts" function, which works pretty well.

    16. When your contacts have been imported and merged to your satisfaction, try step 14 & 15 on your "real" GMail account. When it has been set as you want it, with your Blackberry imports, and all contacts merged and edited as you prefer, use the Sync Contacts function on the G1 / Android (Menu / Settings / Data Synchronization / Contacts) to import to the G1 phone. You can (re)-enable auto-sync if you like.

    Good Luck! Feedback welcome.


    - GMail also supports some other useful fields that you can add as columns to your spreadsheet, including "Primary Phone", "Gender", "Location", "Spouse", "Suffix" (i.e. "Jr.",), "Department", "Account", etc. To find out all of GMail's latest heading names, you can create a sample contact in a Gmail account and "Export" it to a "Google CSV format" file, then open it with Excel. Notice the names of the headings on Row 1. You can add columns with these names and fill in the appropriate data before you import your CSV file into GMail if you like.

    - If you still have problems, one final thing to try is moving the columns in the CSV file so that they are in the order GMail generates its data (using a the sample GMail contact export file as described above).


  2. sitlet

    Apr 11, 2010

    Apr 11, 2010
    Yes, that works, but its very complicated.

    You can just download Google Sync to the Blackberry. It will upload your contacts to gmail, then when you get your Android phone, they will automatically download.

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