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sync contact photos on phone to gmail address book?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mickskillz, May 18, 2010.

  1. mickskillz

    mickskillz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anybody know a program or app that i can sync my contact photos from my phone address book to my gmail or even outlook address book... with blackberry i could sync it to outlook then to gmail, but with the INC i have not found a solution. Any help is appreciated. Thx

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  2. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    Mine sync just fine to gmail directly. I don't use outlook.

    Lets check what my settings are.

    under Settings > Accounts & Sync > xxxxx@gmail.com I have all three options checked. Sync Calendar, Sync Contacts, Sync Gmail.

    I don't see any other place to change this. Specifically I checked People > Menu but nothing there for settings.

    I verified mine was working. I took a picture of my cousin at a wedding this weekend. Just checked my gmail contacts on the PC and there is his ugly mug.
  3. mickskillz

    mickskillz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    can u check and see if your facebook images are transferring over or is it just the photos you set for each person?
  4. mattwill

    mattwill Member

    Lucky you. My contacts are not updating to GMAIL, much less the photos!

    Yes, Auto synce is on. Yes Ive even manually synced it. I put the contact in there 3 days ago. It has complete info, even added it to my favorites and friends.


    Its little things like this that have me still keep me missing my blackberry.
  5. veccster

    veccster Android Enthusiast

    Wish for your blackberry all you want but I suspect user error.

    I use my gmail account for all of my contacts and it syncs perfectly. I can change a contact and it will be adjusted as soon as I sync manually.

    I am very happy with how flawless this works. No more need to utilize back-up assistant either.

    And you are POSITIVE you have the phone synced with the correct gmail account? And all syncing capabilities are turned on? And you have market or wifi access?
  6. mattwill

    mattwill Member

    Yes, and yes. I only have 1 gmail account.

    I am curious what you mean by ALL syncing capabilities. If you mean calander, contacts, mail from the Accounts and Syncing page, then yes.

    I resorted to deleting the account as an option I found from others having this problem.
  7. veccster

    veccster Android Enthusiast

    Yes, under "accounts & sync", you have the top two options checked - background data and auto-sync.

    Below that should be "manage accounts". It should list your gmail account. Press the account, and ensure that "sync contacts" and "sync gmail" are checked. This is also where you manually sync - by pressing "snyc now" at bottom.
  8. jratzo

    jratzo Member

    For me it only syncs the pictures that are NOT from facebook
  9. mickskillz

    mickskillz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    same here, but i'm trying to get it to sync facebook photos too.
  10. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    I don't use facebook.

    I noticed this phone has a feature that allows you to LINK contacts. I believe this feature will prevent some syncing from occurring.

    When I got the phone a few weeks ago it downloaded address books from both my google accounts. After that I started Linking all the accounts together on the phone. That made things very messy. So I reset the phone and went onto Gmail and merged all appropriate contacts there so I wouldn't have one contact with a phone and a different one with one email and a third one with another. So they all merged into one. Then I synced my phone with gmail. So now my phone only knows one "Dad" and that contact has a phone number or two and a gmail or two.

    If you have linked your facebook contacts with gmail contacts then they really are still two contacts in your phone, so I doubt it will push the facebook contact picture up to gmail.

    Just my thoughts.

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