Sync Contacts Completely Missing, Android V.4.2.1

Basically the title says it all, everything was running fine, out of nowhere all my contacts disappeared, I went to options then accounts and then under to Google synced accounts low and behold the contacts sync is now Missing. It will now only sync App Data, Gmail and People details, unlike before where contacts was a visible option to choose from. What to do now...? I've already tried a factory reset several times. Anyways, the phone I am using is a relatively unknown brand "Neken" its a Neken N5. Not sure if that is relevant or not. Anyways, the only other option I can see is flashing a different android image on the phone unless you guys have any better suggestions. The odd thing is the phone didn't crash from battery loss, nor have I dropped it. Help is much appreciated thanks, I would like to avoid flashing if possible, since it can be tricky finding a fully functional image for 3rd party phone companies like these.