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Sync feature not working and problem accessing secure website

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mkemn, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Mkemn

    Mkemn Lurker
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    Am new to the forum and hoping for some advice.
    I've just received a new samsung gxy for Christmas and noticed 2 problems while using:

    1. Sync feature on home page is not working (ie. It's Tuesday but home page still says Monday).

    The other problem:
    2. When I try to log onto my secure banking page, I keep getting a time out message. I checked the setting on another device and it's set for 20 mins - so plenty of time. Not sure if it's an android problem, device problem, maybe the site won't allow access via android (it works via an iPad though). Any suggestions?

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  2. As far as syncing is concerned, I can't help much. One comment, what time zone do you have your Google account set for?

    On the banking thing, I have 2 banks and that happened to me with one of them. I used their app all the time & one day it just kept timing me out right during the log in process. The other bank worked just fine. I tried a couple of days later & it worked fine. I think the problem was on the bank's side not mine. I would verify that I could log on on a computer just to make sure there aren't any security questions hanging you up.
  3. Molenco

    Molenco Lurker

    I had some issues on my galaxy smartphone with https sites (usually banks are secure http...) and websites at work with windows authentication on... When i used the standard out of the box Android "internet explorer" I had the problems. Then i downloaded Firefox and that worked fine !

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