Help Sync iTunes with Optimus V


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I ran across this article on and thought it might be useful for the iTunes users out there...

How to set up wireless iTunes sync with the LG Optimus One - Know Your Cell

Turns out there are a number of apps that do the same thing, if you search the Market on iTunes.

And the new version of Winamp accesses iTunes as well.

I don't use iTunes, but I know zillions of others do...add comments about what does and doesn't work for you???


I couldn't get winamp or double twist to work. I ended up copying my files manually. Winamp is supposed to be able to sync through wifi, which would have been really cool.


And if you just want to sideload music onto your SD card using wifi, I use Es file explorer. No need to hook up to computer with usb. I know it works with Windows machines with file sharing turned on. It goes fairly fast for me and I can grab files anywhere in my house. You can also stream individual video and music files if you want to.