hi i have a desire HD. I just got a 32 gB class 4 micro SD card. Now when i connect my desire with my computer to syn, it copies a lot of my video or music files to other in the memory.I cannot access them or even delete them afterwards. Can any one please help me and tell me wht am i doin wrong here....
(videos files are mp4. converted for Iphone 3g)
(music files are mp3.)

wait for your replies...


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First thing I would do is check that it's really a 32GB card. Lots of fakes about. Try putting it in a card reader and connecting it your PC. Format it (fat32) and try to copy 32 GB of data to it. Then read it back.



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It is a kingston should be the right one....i hav copied a data of around 20gb it shows on my SD manager 20gb in use ..but shows my16gb in OTHERS in HTC SYN...

Rite now i have songs of 1.37 gb ..which got copied and are usuable...I also syncd 3.5 gb of videos...they are on the sdcard but im unable to see them in any folder(also with hidden file show on) but they can be seen in HTC SYNC as OTHER files....