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Jul 21, 2010
I've had my Epic since release day and never had any major problems with calendar syncing, but now a single (out of 4) Google calendar is empty, except for new items that I add, that appear instantly on the phone. 2 of my calendars are high-volume in terms of changes, a home and work, and it is the former that is causing issues now. I have a birthday calendar that almost never changes, which is fine, and a US Holidays "stock" Google calendar which is also fine, but again, they don't change much.

My first thought was to remove and re-add the account, but since it's my Google account, it won't let me - tells me I have to factory-reset the phone (which is ridiculous, but that's another issue I won't get into). I've tried unselecting and reselecting the calendar, to no avail, as well as manually kick-starting the sync. But it is syncing, because new events show up instantly. I just can't get the old ones back.

It's a shared calendar that my wife and I jointly maintain and we've given others access to, so backing up, deleting, and restoring from the Google side would be a real pain (and might not solve the problem anyway if it is an existing appointment causing the problem).

Anyone have any ideas short of a factory reset to try to resolve the issue?

-- robert
In case anyone should run into this, what I did was went in and modified the events (thankfully many are repeating that I can do all at once), and once I did that, they appeared. Not a great solution, but the best available to me given the difficulty of saving/restoring the whole calendar in Google.