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sync questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Poldie, May 25, 2010.

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    I'm still confused about syncing contacts. I have a Desire on Orange. I have a gmail account, and I use the htc mail app and connect to my gmail account using exchange. I sync my contacts to my gmail account using `google/sync contacts` from the sync page, and I sync my mail using `exchange activesync`. I do this because I can see/edit my contacts via the web gmail page (which is easier/faster than doing it on the phone), and because the mail app is better than the gmail app. But it seems that I have some contact information on my phone which is not visible via the gmail website. To pick one example, it's showing as a `linked contact` between 'exchange' and 'google'. Can I see my exchange contacts online? Where are they? I want them in one place, so I can back them up occasionally (I've already lost my contacts once as I set my phone up). It would seem to make sense, given that some contact info appears to be on exchange somewhere, to have them all there - then I can stop syncing with 'google' on my phone altogether, but I have to be able to see/edit/back them up first.

    I've tried googling for this, but all I see is Googles own pages for other platforms, non-free apps to do exchange etc etc.

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