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Synchronizing Google Contacts - I am confused!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mysteryman, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Mysteryman

    Mysteryman Member
    Thread Starter

    I have a Google/Gmail account and in it are 268 contacts.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have set up to use the Email app to manage my emails. It also has GMail installed but I do not use it.

    I have it set up to sync with my Google account - just contacts.

    However, I am confused by what this means! This was highlighted when I sent an email to someone and it had picked up a very old email address and when I looked closer I could see that it offered me 3 different email addresses for this person and I picked the first one, by mistake!

    If I look at "Contacts" on both the phone and GMail account (on PC) then this person appears just once with the correct address. However, if I am creating a new email and type in the first few characters of his name then it pulls up a list of possibles and includes a couple of really old addresses.

    These are not in the Contacts list - where is it getting them from?

    How can I make sure that the list that Email is using is the same as the one on my Google account?

    PS. I also have the same issue on my ASUS tablet, as well!!!!!

  2. stevedec

    stevedec Member

    Contacts can come from a Google or other online account, from the SIM card, from the Device or a combination thereof. On the Contacts app option menu, look for "Contacts to display".
  3. Mysteryman

    Mysteryman Member
    Thread Starter

    Right, sorted this now!!!!!!!

    What it was is that GMail had several old email addresses for contacts squirreled away. These did not show up in the normal list, but, once I did a "Find Duplicates" then they were all revealed.

    I then had to merge all the duplicates and finally weed out the old ones.

    Now, hopefully, I have a clean set of Contacts. Yeee-hi!
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