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Support Synchronizing with Exchange 2010 Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Paramiliar, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Paramiliar

    Paramiliar New Member
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    Oct 21, 2010
    Hi Guys, its taken me forever to get my HTC Hero 2.1 to sync with exchange, it woudl recognize everything, authenticate but then say unable to create account which was weird as the phone could be seen on the webmail mobile phones tab. Anyway I have that working now but still have my original problem

    when I try and synchronize calendar entries I get a "Synchronization is experiencing problems." error at the bottom, any calendar entries I create on the phone appear in my outlook calendar and the exchange calendar, but any entries create from either outlook web access or outlook 2010 do not appear on the phone, looks like its a one way synchronise, any ideas on this one? I have enabled logging on exchange and the report says it is sending the XML ass requests to the phone but the phone does nothing!

    Exchange is an option on the calendars as I am able to create entries and sync those from phone to server just not server to phone.

    Code (Text):
    1. <Sync xmlns="AirSync:">
    2.     <Collections>
    3.         <Collection>
    4.             <SyncKey>1641440014</SyncKey>
    5.             <CollectionId>1</CollectionId>
    6.             <Status>1</Status>
    7.             <MoreAvailable/>
    8.             <Commands>
    9.                 <Add>
    10.                     <ServerId>1:1</ServerId>
    11.                     <ApplicationData>
    13.                         <DtStamp xmlns="Calendar:">20100527T101422Z</DtStamp>
    14.                         <StartTime xmlns="Calendar:">20280317T000000Z</StartTime>
    15.                         <Subject xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="30"/>
    16.                         <OrganizerName xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="14"/>
    17.                         <OrganizerEmail xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="79"/>
    18.                         <Location xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="14"/>
    19.                         <EndTime xmlns="Calendar:">20280318T000000Z</EndTime>
    20.                         <Body=0 bytes/>
    21.                         <Categories xmlns="Calendar:">
    22.                             <Category bytes="7"/>
    23.                         </Categories>
    24.                         <Sensitivity xmlns="Calendar:">0</Sensitivity>
    25.                         <BusyStatus xmlns="Calendar:">0</BusyStatus>
    26.                         <AllDayEvent xmlns="Calendar:">1</AllDayEvent>
    27.                         <MeetingStatus xmlns="Calendar:">0</MeetingStatus>
    28.                         <NativeBodyType xmlns="AirSyncBase:">1</NativeBodyType>
    29.                     </ApplicationData>
    30.                 </Add>
    31.                 <Add>
    32.                     <ServerId>1:2</ServerId>
    33.                     <ApplicationData>
    35.                         <DtStamp xmlns="Calendar:">20100406T125513Z</DtStamp>
    36.                         <StartTime xmlns="Calendar:">20110711T230000Z</StartTime>
    37.                         <Subject xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="32"/>
    38.                         <OrganizerName xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="14"/>
    39.                         <OrganizerEmail xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="79"/>
    40.                         <Location xmlns="Calendar:" bytes="14"/>
    41.                         <EndTime xmlns="Calendar:">20110712T230000Z</EndTime>
    42.                         <Body=0 bytes/>
    43.                         <Categories xmlns="Calendar:">
    44.                             <Category bytes="7"/>
    45.                         </Categories>
    46.                         <Sensitivity xmlns="Calendar:">0</Sensitivity>
    47.                         <BusyStatus xmlns="Calendar:">0</BusyStatus>
    48.                         <AllDayEvent xmlns="Calendar:">1</AllDayEvent>
    49.                         <MeetingStatus xmlns="Calendar:">0</MeetingStatus>
    50.                         <NativeBodyType xmlns="AirSyncBase:">1</NativeBodyType>
    51.                     </ApplicationData>
    52.                 </Add>



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